Frequently asked questions

FAQ: 2


Are there any required variables/phenotypes that need to be included?

In the JGA submission, fields including the Subject ID and Gender are required. Specifically, that the main variable (e.g., heart disease) and co-variates (e.g., age, weight) used in the analysis are submitted to JGA so that other people can reproduce the information in your publication. The goal is to include the data that would be required for another researcher to be able to reproduce the published analysis.

Created: May 31, 2016

Data exchange*

Do DDBJ JGA/NCBI dbGaP/EBI EGA exchange data?

DDBJ JGA/NCBI dbGaP/EBI EGA do not exchange restricted-access individual-level data. dbGaP and EGA exchange summary metadata for cross indexing.

Created: July 1, 2016