Sample submission

D-way Submission Account Manual
DRA/BioProject/BioSample Submission Manual


Having a submission account.

Login to the submission account and submit your project online.

Having no submission account.

Please obtain a D-way account according to the D-way Submission Account Manual. After obtaining your account, login to the submission account and submit your project online.

A temporary ID starts with SSUB is automatically assigned to a submitted BioSample. Until an official accession number will be issued, the submitted sample is referenced by this ID. After reviewing process, the DDBJ BioSample issues accession numbers with prefix SAMD to the completed data. You can view status and accession numbers of submitted samples in your submission account.

Do NOT cite a temporary ID starts with SSUB in references.

Data release*

You can select the following options:

  • Release immediately following curation
  • Release when referenced data is published

The submitted sample data can be kept private. Sample data are automatically released when the linked DDBJ record(s) is published. Private DDBJ record(s) referencing this BioSample ID is not released.

Released biosample records are exchanged with the other two INSDC partners NCBI and EBI BioSample databases.


It is possible to update data after registration except for sample name. Please contact us from Message form.