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Data Release

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Submitted BioSample record will be released immediately after the curation process finishes.
Submitted BioSample record is released when the DDBJ, DRA and DTA record(s) referencing this BioSample ID is released. Private DDBJ record(s) referencing this BioSample ID is not released.

General info

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Sample type

Core Package

Genome, metagenome or marker sequences (MIxS compliant)
Use for genomes, metagenomes, and marker sequences. These samples include specific attributes that have been defined by the Genome Standards Consortium (GSC) to formally describe and standardize sample metadata for genomes, metagenomes, and marker sequences. The samples are validated for compliance based on the presence of the required core attributes as described in MIxS. For details, please see the GSC websites.
Other samples (e.g. transcriptome, epigenetics etc)
Use for any sample type (e.g. transcriptome, epigenetics etc). These samples are described using common core attributes and submitter-supplied custom attributes.


(Meta)Genomic Sequences Sample (MIMS)
Environmental/Metagenome Genomic Sequences
Please refer to environmental samples.
Genomic Sequences Sample (MIGS)
Cultured Bacterial/Archaeal Genomic Sequences
Eukaryotic Genomic Sequences
Viral Genomic Sequences

Environmental samples do not include endosymbionts that can be reliably recovered from a particular host, organisms from a readily identifiable but uncultured field sample (e.g., many cyanobacteria), or phytoplasmas that can be reliably recovered from diseased plants (even though these cannot be grown in axenic culture). Select "Cultured Bacterial/Archaeal" or "Eukaryotic" or "Viral".

Marker Sequences Sample (MIMARKS)
Specimen Marker Sequences
Survey related Marker Sequences

MIMARKS specimen: for marker gene (e.g., COI) sequences obtained from any material identifiable by means of specimens

MIMARKS-specimen applies to the contextual data for marker gene sequences from cultured or voucher-identifiable specimens.

MIMARKS survey: for uncultured diversity marker gene (e.g., 16S rRNA, 18S rRNA, nif, amoA, rpo) surveys

MIMARKS-survey is applicable to contextual data for marker gene sequences, obtained directly from the environment, without culturing or identification of the organisms.

Environmental package

Environmental package (MIxS Sample)
No package
microbial mat/biofilm
miscellaneous or artificial


Sample attributes
List of attributes.
Download BioSample worksheet which has been customised to fit models. This is a tab-delimited text file that may be opened with a spreadsheet program or a text editor.
A list of attributes and their definitions can be viewed here.Besides the mandatory fields, there are several optional attribute fields. To make the BioSample record most useful, you should include all available information in the submission. Commonly used and useful attributes have been defined, with standardized nomenclature. In preparing your submission, please refer to this attributes list and fill in the relevant fields. If you have information of a type that does not appear in the standard list, you can create it as a Custom Attribute.


PubMed ID
Provide a PubMed ID for any publications directly related to all samples in the submission. How do I add reference information?


Provide a DOI if a PubMed ID is not available. Provide the additional reference information.
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