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System updates

System updates history

DRA data files validation service downtime (11th Jan. 2017 17:30 - 12th 11:00) extended

January 6, 2017
Due to unexpected troubles in the release process, resume of the data validation service will be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience. DRA data files validation service d ...

DDBJ provides limited-time access service to archived fastq/SRA files

December 7, 2016
Limited-time access to archived fastq/SRA files DRA Handbook To allow submitter to download and check archived fastq/SRA files, the files are copied to the follow ...

bam reference sequences can be specified by multi-fasta

September 14, 2016
Submitters can specify reference sequences by the following two ways. When accessioned reference is in the repository, specify by the INSDC/RefSeq accession.version ...

Updates in the D-way submission interface

June 1, 2016
To improve the D-way submission system, interface is updated. Icons and explanation sentences are added, links to both English and Japanese manuals are provided in the pop ...

Order of submitted BioSamples and update of sample name

February 5, 2016
After submitting BioSamples from D-way, BioSamples are sorted in alphabetical (ASCII code) order of sample_name values and NOT in order of appearance (top to bottom in tab-delimite ...