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Registration for a BioProject accession is encouraged in the following cases.

  • projects that result in a very large volume of data submissions
  • submissions from multiple members of a collaboration
  • submissions to multiple archival databases

Registration for a BioProject accession is discouraged in the following cases:

  • small datasets for which the results are found in one (or a small number) of accession numbers such as a single plasmid, viral or organelle genome sequencing study

A BioProject ID is required for microbial and eukaryotic genomes submissions to the DDBJ. Necessary information for project submission is explained in the Project Information page. If you obtain a BioProject ID from DDBJ, please submit your related biological data to the DDBJ, Sequence Read Archive and Trace Archive.

Submission process*

Having a submission account.

Login to the submission account and submit your project online.

Having no submission account.

Please obtain a D-way account according to the D-way Submission Account Manual. After obtaining your account, login to the submission account and submit your project online.

A temporary ID starts with 'PSUB' is automatically assigned to a submitted BioProject. Until an official accession number will be issued, the submitted project is referenced by this ID. After reviewing process, the DDBJ BioProject issues accession numbers with prefix PRJD to the completed data. You can view status and accession numbers of submitted projects in your submission account.

Do NOT cite a temporary ID starts with PSUB in references.

In DDBJ records, you can cite the BioProject IDs issued by EBI and NCBI.
Do not double submit the projects which have beed registered to EBI and NCBI.

You can submit an umbrella project from submission account in the same way as primary project. To remind the DDBJ BioProject team, you need to enter "this is an umbrella project" in the Private comments to DDBJ staff. Registered umbrella project cannot be kept private.

Data release*

Triggering of data release between primary projects and data records.
Triggering of data release between primary projects and data records.

You can "immediately release" or "hold" the registered primary project.

The submitted primary project data can be kept private until the linked DDBJ, DRA, DTA and DOR records made be public. Hold date of the project data cannot be specified. Primary project data are automatically released when the linked DDBJ record(s) is published. On the other hand, publication of the primary project data do not cause automatic release of the linked DDBJ record(s). Thus, under a primary project, publication of a data record does not cause the indirect release of the other records. Publication of the DDBJ records is independent from the release of the linked project(s).

Visibility of relationships between public umbrella and primary projects.
Visibility of relationships between a public umbrella and primary projects.

An umbrella project cannot be kept private. An umbrella project can have public and private primary projects. Hierarchical relationship between the public umbrella project and the un-released primary project is invisible.

Released project data are exchanged with the other two INSDC partners NCBI and EBI BioProject databases.


It is possible to update data after registration. Please contact us from Message form.