2016-12-07: DDBJ provides limited-time access service to archived fastq/SRA files

Limited-time access to archived fastq/SRA files

DRA Handbook

To allow submitter to download and check archived fastq/SRA files, the files are copied to the following directories on the server from 12th, Jan. 2017. To save disk space, the copied files are automatically deleted in one month.

Due to unexpected decrease of available disk space, copied fastq/SRA files may be deleted within one month or the copy service may be suspended. We will inform submitters on the website in advance as much as possible, however, this annoucement could be immediately before the deletion or service suspension.

  • (submitter's home)/report/dra/(DRA submission accession)/fastq/
  • (submitter's home)/report/dra/(DRA submission accession)/sra/

  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/fastq/DRR000001.fastq.bz2
  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/fastq/DRR000002.fastq.bz2
  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/fastq/DRR000002_1.fastq.bz2
  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/fastq/DRR000002_2.fastq.bz2
  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/sra/DRR000001.sra
  • submitter/report/dra/DRA000001/sra/DRR000002.sra

The BioProject database represents a higher order organization of research projects and the corresponding data which is deposited into several archival databases maintained by members of INSDC. Data submitted to INSDC-associated databases cross-reference the BioProject identifier to support navigation between the project and the project’s datasets. The BioProject record has information about a project’s scope, material, objectives, funding source and general relevance categories. The BioProject resource is a redesigned, expanded, replacement of the NCBI Genome Project resource.

The DDBJ BioProject issues accession numbers with the prefix 'PRJD' to the submitted projects. Public project data are exchanged with the EBI and NCBI.