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TitleChromosomes carrying meiotic avoidance loci in three apomictic eudicot Hieracium subgenus Pilosella species share structural features with two monocot apomicts
Study TypePooled Clone Sequencing
Abstract 28 BACs covering 1.2 Mb of sequences were identified from LOSS OF APOMEIOSIS (LOA) locus in Hieracium praealtum. In order to obtain genomic sequence information of the LOA locus, a pool of 14 BACs has been sequence by 454 technology.
Description Partial DNA sequence of BACs associated with the LOA locus was determined by 454 pyrosequencing in the Australian Genome Research Facility (St. Lucia, QLD, Australia). A pool of BACs were sequenced comprising the following BACs from contig A: LOA300.1, LOA300.7, LOA300.4, LOA300.5, LOA4T7.16, LOA4T7 .. [more]
Center NameCSIRO Plant Industry