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TitleMaize transposon flanking sequence tags from the UniformMu Robertson's Mutator tagging population
Study TypeOther
Abstract Roberston's Mutator (Mu) transposon flanking sequence tags were sequenced from 144 transposon tagging lines from the maize UniformMu population (McCarty et al, 2005). TAIL-PCR products were amplified from 24 pools of 12 lines arranged in a 12 x 12 grid (Settles et al, 2004). The products were sequen .. [more]
Description Approximately 85% of the reads correspond to bona fide transposon flanking sequence tags (FSTs). These FSTs have 31 bp at the start of each read with the following structure: 1) 4 bp barcode 2) 21 bp Mutator terminal inverted repeat primer (5'-ctcttcKtcYataatggcaat-3') 3) 6 bp of the Mutator elem .. [more]
Center NameUniversity of Florida