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TitleComparison of Oryza sativa and Oryza officinalis Stigma and Pistil
Study TypeTranscriptome Sequencing
Abstract Comparison of the transcriptomes of stigma and pistil between Nipponbare and Oryza officinalis W0002. Samples are from pre-anthesis flowers and the stigma and pistils are prepared separately- a cut being made in the stylodium at the base of the stigma on each side.
Description Pistil(not including stigmas) and stigmas 40 pre-anthesis flowers each of Oryza sativa ssp Japonica cv Nipponbare and Oryza officinalis W0002 were taken. Total RNA was prepared using Ambion RNAqueous micro RNA prep kit. 1ug total RNA was used as starting material and the Illumina mRNA seq sample pre .. [more]
Center NameNIG