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Titleamplicon sequencing of archaeal amoA, bacterial amoA, Nitrospira nxrB, Nitrobacter nxrB from 16 soils and 1 wastewater treatment plant
DescriptionIndividual genes were amplified by standard PCR from the respective samples. Thereafter, barcodes were ligated to both ends of the amplicons. All barcoded amplicons were pooled in equimolar ratio and subjected to 454 pyrosequencing on the Titanium platform. archaeal amoA primers: CamoA-19f ATG GTC TGG YTW AGA CG; CamoA-616r GCC ATC CAB CKR TAN GTC CA bacterial amoA primers: amoA-1F* GGG GHT TYT ACT GGT GGT; amoA-2R CCC CTC KGS AAA GCC TTC TTC Nitrospira nxrB primers: nxrBF169 TAC ATG TGG TGG AAC A; nxrBR638 CGG TTC TGG TCR ATC A Nitrobacter nxrB primers: nxrBF706 AAG ACC TAY TTC AAC TGG TC; nxrBR1431 CGC TCC ATC GGY GGA ACM AC Used nucleotide barcodes: GGGCTGACGTG Namibian fallow soil #01; GGGCACAGCTG Namibian arable soil #04; GGGCAGCACTG Namibian dry woodland #06; GGGCTACTATG Namibian arable soil #08; GGGCTCTGATG Namibian fallow soil #10; GGGCATGCATG Namibian dry woodland #11; GGGCACTGTCG Namibian arable soil #14; GGGCTACGTCG Namibian dry woodland #16; GGGCTGTCTCG Namibian fallow soil #17; GGGCAGCTGCG Namibian fallow soil #23; GGGCTCATGCG Costa Rica rain forest soil; GGGCTATAGCG Costa Rica arable soil; GGGCACGAGCG Austrian arable soil; GGGCATCGACG Austrian riparian forest soil; GGGCTGAGACG Greenland tundra soil; GGGCAGAGTAG Austrian spruce forest soil; GGGCTCACTAG Activated sludge from the Ingolstadt wastewater treatment plant

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Taxon ID1284618
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Scientific Nameenvironmental samples
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