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TitleActive ammonia oxidizers in an acid soil are phylogenetically closely related to neutrophilic Nitrososphaera viennensis
DescriptionOne acidic agricultural soil sample collected from Jiangxi Province of China was incubated in soil microcosms for 8 weeks. The soil DNA-SIP microcosms were constructed to investigate the active soil-nitrifying community. Three sets of treatments were performed including 13CO2-labelled microcosms, 12CO2-control microcosms, and 13CO2 + C2H2 control microcosms. All soil microcosm incubation was fertilized by 100 μg of urea-N g-1 dry weight soil every week. After 8-week incubation, the total DNA extract was subjected to isopycnic centrifugation, and total 15 DNA fractions were obtained across the entire CsCl density gradient by isopycnic centrifugation. The 16S rRNA pyrosequencing of each DNA fraction of DNA-SIP treatment were shown in this study, and there are total 108 samples.

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Taxon ID410658
Common Name
Scientific Namesoil metagenome
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