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TitleAnalysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)
DescriptionThe ESTs (expressed sequence tags) from Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) were generated by using pyrosequencing method. Totally, 1,696,898 sequences were obtained. By assemble analysis, the over 40,000 ESTs were generated, and they were compared to genes from several species; apple, strawberry, peach, popular, Arabidopsis and tomato. These comparative analyses with various species shows candidate genes related to characterization of Rosaceae family, fruit enlargement or receptacle enlargement (pome fruits) and lignification. We focused on genes related to sugar metabolism, one of the main factors control the fruit quality. Sequences were identified for almost every gene involved in the pathways, approximately 40 of them were identified as novel sugar-related pear genes. This is an informative resource for identifying genes involved in various biological processes in fruit especially in Rosaceae and in pome fruit.

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Taxon ID332388
Common Name
Scientific NamePyrus pyrifolia var. culta
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