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Title16S rRNA gene study of rice-root associated bacteria in paddy fields dressed with low nitrogen.
DescriptionGeneral description. Rice plants (Oryza sativa L. cultivar “Nipponbare”) were cultivated in paddy fields dressed with low N (LN; 0 kg ha-1). The roots (approximately 100 g) were sampled on August 26, 2009 and homogenized without surface sterilization to prepare the root-associated bacterial cells, and the bacterial cells were extracted and purified using a bacterial cell enrichment method. Total DNA was extracted from the cell fraction. We amplified 16S rRNA genes using a primer set 27F, 518R. These PCR primers target the V1 and V3 region. Field metadata. Country: Japan Latitude: 38-27-39.37’N Longitude: 141-5-33.33-E Altitude: 4 m a.s.l. Classification: Gray lowland soil (classification of cultivated soils in Japan, 3rd approximation) Geomorphic Position: Alluvial plain Slope Characteristics: Flat Precipitation: Udic soil moisture regime Water Table Depth: 97 cm Drainage: Poorly drained Land Use: Paddy rice field Parent material: Unconsolidated alluvium Vegetation: Paddy field after harvest

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Taxon ID939928
Common Name
Scientific Namerhizosphere metagenome
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