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1 DRP000458 DRA000449 Microbial diversity in deep-sea methane seep sediments presented by SSU rRNA gene tag sequencing Population Genomics uncultured prokaryote 2.2M 2011-09-12 JAMSTEC
2 DRP002370 DRA002569
Analysis of microbial communities in gas hydrate-bearing subseafloor sediments from the Nankai Trough Other uncultured archaeon
uncultured prokaryote
228.9M 2014-10-08 AIST
3 DRP004106 DRA004571 Groundwater and rain at the foot of Mt. Fuji Other uncultured prokaryote 5.9G 2016-03-11 SHIZUOKA
4 ERP012856 ERA525879 Characterization of the bacterioplankton communities from the Ebro River Other uncultured prokaryote 77.2M Universite du Quebec a Montreal
5 ERP012927 ERA526890
Biogeography of bacterioplankton communities in freshwater boreal ecosystems Other uncultured prokaryote 15.9G Universite du Quebec a Montreal
6 ERP021443 ERA812824 Alterations in the rumen liquid-, particle- and epithelium-associated microbiota of dairy cows during the transition from a silage- and concentrate-based ration to pasture in spring Other uncultured prokaryote 784.6M FRIEDRICH-LOEFFLER-INSTITUT (FLI), INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL NUTRITION
7 ERP023472 ERA956178 Ecology of ammonia oxidizing and nitrite oxidizing microorganisms in the Namibian coastal upwelling oxygen minimum zone Other uncultured prokaryote 5.2G West Liberty University
8 ERP024354 ERA1162031
Sediment slurry incubations with and without Nereis diversicolor mucus were used to assess how invertebrate mucopolysaccharides affect the structure of the total bacterial and archaeal sediment community. Other uncultured prokaryote 1.4G MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UK
9 ERP024360 ERA981862 cruise to the Peruvian upwelling region in October 2015 Other uncultured prokaryote 710.4M GEOMAR - HELMHOLTZ CENTRE FOR OCEAN RESEARCH KIEL
10 ERP104620 ERA1111383 Microbial life in desert soil horizons and recovery of genetic bio-signatures using an autonomous rover in a Mars-analogue environment Other uncultured prokaryote 2.6G Auckland University of Technology
11 ERP105832 ERA1167235 Long-range transported bacterial communities relating to ice nucleation accumulated in snow cover on Mount Tateyama, Central Japan Other uncultured prokaryote 4.4G Auckland University of Technology
12 ERP106169 ERA1172925 Microbial biogeography of 925 geothermal springs in New Zealand Other uncultured prokaryote 13.8G GNS Science
13 ERP107119 ERA1230279 Picoplankton 16S rRNA genes from the tropical and sub-tropical global-ocean sampled during the Malaspina-2010 expedition Other uncultured prokaryote 4G INSTITUT DE CIENCIES DEL MAR
14 ERP107498 ERA1246094 Experimental assessment of the effect of grazing, resources and light on marine prokaryotes in surface oligotrophic waters Other uncultured prokaryote 762.7M INSTITUT DE CIENCIES DEL MAR
15 ERP109176 ERA1508388 Prokaryotic and eukaryotic diversity in biofilms from pipes of hot drinking water distribution network assessed by sequencing of 16S and 18S rRNA gene amplicons Other uncultured eukaryote
uncultured prokaryote
2.9G Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR"
16 ERP109198 ERA1510365 16S rDNA genes from different size-fraction across vertical profiles in the global ocean sampled during the Malaspina 2010 expedition Other uncultured prokaryote 3.2G INSTITUT DE CIENCIES DEL MAR
17 ERP109490 ERA1523020 Microbial population dynamics along a terrestrial Antarctic moisture gradient Other uncultured prokaryote 5.7G Auckland University of Technology
18 ERP109491 ERA1523021 Aeolian microbial dispersal limitation to Antarctica Other uncultured fungus
uncultured prokaryote
4.8G Auckland University of Technology
19 ERP111296 ERA1616139
Bacterial and Archaeal 16S rRNA communities were assessed in the walls and surrounding sediment of Hediste diversicolor, and compared to the transitory community found within the gut tracts of these individuals. Other uncultured prokaryote 2G MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UK
20 ERP111697 ERA1635307 TEP isolation from Plymouth Sound samples Other uncultured prokaryote 152M GEOMAR - HELMHOLTZ CENTRE FOR OCEAN RESEARCH KIEL