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1 DRP003052 DRA002426 Massively parallel sequencing-based survey of eukaryotic community structures in Hiroshima Bay and Ishigaki Island Other uncultured eukaryote 21.8M 2014-08-12 FISHRA
2 DRP003053 DRA002425 Marine Metagenomics for Monitoring the Coastal Microbiota from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Other uncultured eukaryote 186.1M 2014-08-11 FISHRA
3 ERP004091 ERA258474 18s Metagenomic analyses Population Genomics uncultured eukaryote 9.4M IHB
4 ERP004240 ERA262581 Western GrIS snow biodiversity Other uncultured bacterium
uncultured eukaryote
unidentified archaeon
262.9M University of Washington
5 ERP004543 ERA279305 Effects of long term differential fertilization on microbial eukaryotic community of an arable soil: a multiple barcoding approach Other uncultured Cercozoa
uncultured Chrysophyceae
uncultured alga
uncultured eukaryote
uncultured fungus
uncultured kinetoplastid
100.7M UFZ - Helmholtz Centre
6 ERP005463 ERA296284 SA Other uncultured bacterium
uncultured eukaryote
175.4M Maine Biological Association of the UK
7 ERP006389 ERA336955
In-depth analyses of deep subsurface sediments using 454-pyrosequencing reveals a reservoir of buried fungal communities Other uncultured eukaryote 100.8M UBO
8 ERP006391 ERA333846
Shotgun metagenomic study of sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA), from four strata of sediment core taken from an Bouldner Cliff, a submarine archaeological site in the Solent. Dates of Other uncultured eukaryote
9 ERP010253 ERA433333 EcoFINDERS soil protist metabarcoding Other uncultured eukaryote 19.8M WAGENINGEN UR
10 ERP011100 ERA459802 Large variability of bathypelagic microbial eukaryotic communities across the world's oceans Other uncultured eukaryote 230.8M INSTITUT de ciencies del mar
11 ERP014656 ERA587186 Sequencing of control samples clarifies the obscured diversity of microscopic eukaryotes Other uncultured eukaryote 164.8M University of Helsinki
12 ERP016506 ERA676140
Oxygen shapes trophic interactions of a chitin-degrading soil microbiome Other uncultured archaeon
uncultured bacterium
uncultured eukaryote
uncultured microorganism
13 ERP020712 ERA782536 Insights into the harmful algal flora in northwestern Mediterranean coastal lagoons revealed by pyrosequencing of D1-D2 metabarcodes of the 28S rRNA gene Other uncultured eukaryote 311.2M Station Biologique de Roscoff, France
14 ERP021431 ERA812777 Proper experimental design requires randomization/balancing of molecular ecology experiments Other uncultured eukaryote 244.1M BIODIVERSITY AND CLIMATE RESEARCH CENTRE
15 ERP022226 ERA860139
Significant disparities in allergy prevalence and microbiota between the young people in Finnish and Russian Karelia. Other uncultured bacterium
uncultured eukaryote
23.8G University of Helsinki
16 ERP023269 ERA944787 The phases of microalgae succession in sea ice and water column in the Baltic Sea from autumn to spring Other uncultured eukaryote 3.8G NTNU University Museum
17 ERP023459 ERA955622 Investigation of the community diversity in protists from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, using 454-pyrosequencing Other uncultured eukaryote 695.7M LUND UNIVERSITY, AQUATIC ECOLOGY
18 ERP105181 ERA1133739 Seasonal eukaryotic dynamics in Alaskan sea ice Other uncultured eukaryote 15.2G UNIVERSITY OF TROMSO
19 ERP105225 ERA1143684
Metabarcoding analysis of 18S eukaryotic diversity in the ParanĂ¡ River, Argentina (V4 region) Other uncultured eukaryote 987.6M INSTITUTE OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY
20 ERP105307 ERA1138240 Protists in Rotated Core Experiment Other uncultured eukaryote J.F. Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology University of Goettingen