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1 DRP004795 DRA008001 Bacterial community structure of surface wipe samples at restaurant in Japan Other surface metagenome 1.8G 2019-01-27 NIHS_BFR
2 DRP006863 DRA006215 Microbial diversity on cafeteria kitchen Other surface metagenome 484.6M 2017-09-26 KFRI
3 ERP114069 ERA1752203 Are there chinks in the crocodile's armor? Characterizing saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) skin bacterial microbiota Other aquatic metagenome
skin metagenome
surface metagenome
4 ERP118127 ERA2191577
The sea star, Pisaster ochraceus, has unique and dominant bacteria. Other echinoderm metagenome
rock metagenome
seawater metagenome
surface metagenome
5 SRP070577 SRA355854 DNA and RNA based tag sequences raw sequence reads Metagenomics subsurface metagenome
surface metagenome
3.8G BioProject
6 SRP079707 SRA443968 Microbial community patterns associated with Automated Teller Machine (ATM) keypads in New York City Metagenomics surface metagenome 5.6G BioProject
7 SRP110149 SRA579486 SPOT April V4 tag sequences Raw sequence reads Metagenomics subsurface metagenome
surface metagenome
11.9G BioProject
8 SRP110191 SRA579772 Seasonal HOT cruise vertical profile 18S tag (2014-2015) Raw sequence reads Metagenomics subsurface metagenome
surface metagenome
8.7G BioProject
9 SRP111483 SRA585449 Oral probiotics alter the healthy feline respiratory microbiota Metagenomics blood metagenome
gut metagenome
lung metagenome
oral-nasopharyngeal metagenome
surface metagenome
3.2G BioProject
10 SRP118962 SRA613730 surface metagenome Targeted loci Metagenomics surface metagenome 316.6M BioProject
11 SRP135577 SRA666325
Surface metagenome in marine environment Metagenomics seawater metagenome
steel metagenome
surface metagenome
40.5G BioProject
12 SRP140929 SRA692612 Evaluation of microbial source tracking of human sources in spiked water and soil samples Other aquatic metagenome
gut metagenome
skin metagenome
soil metagenome
surface metagenome
wastewater metagenome
2.5G BioProject
13 SRP144247 SRA698415 activated sludge metagenome Genome sequencing Metagenomics activated sludge metagenome
aquatic metagenome
bioreactor metagenome
seawater metagenome
sludge metagenome
surface metagenome
163.2M BioProject
14 SRP158812 SRA763128 Haiti Surface Water Samples Metagenomic Data Other surface metagenome 62.4G BioProject
15 SRP170753 SRA815068 surface metagenome raw sequence reads of smuggled statues Metagenomics surface metagenome 1.2G BioProject
16 SRP198317 SRA886067 Surface-associated microbiota of the public transport system from Nanjing and Zhenjiang, China Raw sequence reads Metagenomics surface metagenome 166.9M BioProject
17 SRP199012 SRA888858 microbial metagenome on lettuce surface Other surface metagenome 1.1G BioProject
18 SRP200202 SRA893313 Rapid metagenomics analysis of EMS vehicles for monitoring pathogen load using nanopore DNA sequencing Other surface metagenome 383.9M BioProject
19 SRP250667 SRA1047974 Metatranscriptome survey of microbial eukaryotes in Southern California Raw sequence reads Metagenomics surface metagenome 149.9G BioProject
20 SRP251836 SRA1051791 AGXX-GOX: Novel antimicrobial surfaces for safe long-term space missions Raw sequence reads Metagenomics surface metagenome 833.3M BioProject