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1 DRP001235 DRA001173 Metagenomic analyses of microbial communities generating electricity from methanol Metagenomics bioanode metagenome
biocathode metagenome
microbial fuel cell metagenome
sludge metagenome
7G 2013-09-26 TOKYO_PHARM
2 DRP003348 DRA005103 Microbial community analysis of granules in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor Other sludge metagenome 19.1G 2016-08-27 NAGAOKA_TECH
3 DRP003399 DRA005150 Microbiome of anaerobic digesters in municipal wastewater treatment plants Other sludge metagenome 13.4G 2016-09-29 UIUC
4 DRP004466 DRA006975 Amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA gene Other sludge metagenome 156.2M 2018-06-01 NNCT
5 DRP004640 DRA007662 Anaerobic microbial community enriched with amino acids Other sludge metagenome 20.9G 2018-11-28 UIUC
6 DRP005108 DRA008467 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing of microbial communities in a bulking and healthy sludge granules in a mesophillic expanded granular sludge bed reactor Other sludge metagenome 277.9M 2019-05-25 TOYOHASHI_TECH
7 DRP005109 DRA008468 Anaerobic bulking-associated microbiota occurred in a mesophilic expanded granular sludge bed reactor treating high-strength organic wastewater discharged from a food-processing manufactory based on 16S rRNA gene amplicon data Other sludge metagenome 367.1M 2019-05-25 TOYOHASHI_TECH
8 DRP005116 DRA008469 Microbiota of a thermophilic anaerobic digestion reactor stably treating poly(L-lactic acid) at same organic loading rate Other sludge metagenome 81.7M 2019-05-27 TOYOHASHI_TECH
9 DRP005159 DRA007349 Effects of conductive carbon nanomaterials on methanogens Other sludge metagenome 6.4M 2018-09-14 TOKYO_PHARM
10 DRP005178 DRA008578 Metatranscriptomic evidences for magnetite nanoparticle-stimulated acetoclastic methanogenesis under continuous agitation Other sludge metagenome 138.1G 2019-06-13 TOKYO_PHARM
11 DRP005203 DRA008613 Microbial communities of anaerobic digester sludge fed with electron donors Other sludge metagenome 2.5G 2019-06-25 UIUC
12 DRP005204 DRA007447 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing of microbial communities in a thermophilic anaerobic digestion reactor using poly(L-lactic acid) Other sludge metagenome 968.1M 2018-10-10 TOYOHASHI_TECH
13 DRP005489 DRA007151 Eukaryotic community structures in anaerobic granular sludge based on 18S rRNA gene sequencing Other sludge metagenome 415.7M 2018-07-25 NAGAOKA_TECH
14 DRP005549 DRA008179 Uncovering viable microbiome in anaerobic sludge digesters Other anaerobic digester metagenome
sludge metagenome
2.8G 2019-03-22 TOHOKU
15 DRP006687 DRA007576 Microbial communities of an anammox reactor inoculated with indigenous sludge for treatment of high-salinity and mesophilic underground brine Other sludge metagenome 249.9M 2018-11-07 KRI
16 ERP023019 ERA922479 Prokaryotic communities and potential pathogens in sewage sludge: response to wastewater origin, loading rate and sludge treatment Other sludge metagenome 229.9M Centro de Investigaciones Sobre Desertificaci..n (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cient..ficas)
17 ERP109048 ERA1523362
Using a genome-centric metagenomics approach, a near-complete 5.7 Mbp population genome of the Chloroflexi phylum was obtained, the first of the SJA-15 class of Chloroflexi. Annotation of the genome indicated that the phylotype is capable of aerobic respiration, fermentation and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia. Other sludge metagenome 14.8G AALBORG UNIVERSITY
18 ERP124341 ERA2949545
Metagenomic raw data (reads in FASTQ format) from 24 environmental samples of sewage sludge and cattle slurry subjected to the methane fermentation process Other manure metagenome
sludge metagenome
19 ERP125855 ERA3196823 Enrichment and characterisation of lactic acid elongating microbial community Other sludge metagenome LUXEMBOURG CENTRE FOR SYSTEMS BIOMEDICINE
20 SRP052362 SRA230242 Biostabilization of mixed sewage sludge and cattle dung Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics sludge metagenome 38M BioProject