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1 DRP003662 DRA005106 stream water metagenome using the primer MiFish Other riverine metagenome 638.3M 2016-09-10 KYOTO_FSE
2 DRP003663 DRA005422 Microbial community of various water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
955.8M 2017-01-05 YAMANASHI
3 DRP003720 DRA005970 Tamagawa river microbiome Other riverine metagenome 9.6G 2017-07-13 NIG
4 DRP004174 DRA006629 MiFish pipeline example data Other riverine metagenome 5.7M 2018-03-05 RYUKYU
5 DRP004365 DRA007168
Bioaerosol in Tokyoskytree Other air metagenome
marine metagenome
pond metagenome
riverine metagenome
soil metagenome
1.8G 2018-07-27 COSU
6 DRP004492 DRA007276 Fish fauna detected by eDNA metabarcoding in damaged rivers by heavy rainfall in Northern Kyushu District, Japan in July 2017 Other riverine metagenome 412.6M 2018-08-28 KYUSHU
7 DRP004523 DRA006433 Microbial community of various types of water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
785.3M 2018-01-22 YAMANASHI
8 DRP004555 DRA007298 Fishes fauna of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia by environmental DNA metabarcording. Other riverine metagenome 1G 2018-09-05 KYUSHU
9 DRP004586 DRA005271 The detection of eDNA from all 19 species and subspecies of the genus Anguilla Other freshwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
seawater metagenome
synthetic metagenome
91.5M 2016-11-18 NUBS
10 DRP005037 DRA007585 MiFish-based metabarcoding data of vertebrates in Leptospira-endemic areas in Okinawa Island, Japan Other riverine metagenome 130.5M 2018-11-09 RYUKYU
11 DRP005038 DRA007584 Bacterial metabarcoding data in Leptospira-endemic areas in Okinawa Island, Japan Other riverine metagenome 1.8G 2018-11-09 RYUKYU
12 DRP005338 DRA006047 Metagenomic sequences of the Tama River 2015_9 - 2016_12 Other riverine metagenome 14.4G 2017-08-07 KITASATO
13 DRP005388 DRA006087 16S amplicon analysis of seasonal changes in bacteria community from Tame River Other riverine metagenome 1.6G 2017-08-22 KITASATO
14 DRP005390 DRA006086 16S rRNA next generation sequencing of bacterial community from Tama River Other riverine metagenome 6.1G 2017-08-22 KITASATO
15 DRP005547 DRA009150 Quantitative evaluation of intraspecific genetic diversity in a natural fish population using environmental DNA analysis Other riverine metagenome 144.7M 2019-10-24 RYUKOKU
16 DRP005550 DRA009149 Environmental DNA analysis shows high potential as a tool for estimating of intraspecific genetic diversity in a wild fish population Other riverine metagenome 4.7G 2019-10-19 RYUKOKU
17 DRP005789 DRA006504 eDNA detections of freshwater eels from water samples. Other freshwater metagenome
pond metagenome
riverine metagenome
127.4M 2018-01-31 NUBS
18 DRP006007 DRA009977
kurokawa Other biofloc metagenome
riverine metagenome
813.3M 2020-06-25 CRIEPI
19 DRP006079 DRA008293 eDNA metabarcoding of macroinvertebrate in Japanese rivers Other riverine metagenome 453.9M 2019-04-17 TOHOKU
20 DRP006122 DRA006853 Metabarcoding of benthic fauna of Takamigawa River (Nara Prefecture) using histone H3 gene Other riverine metagenome 242.4M 2018-05-15 OSAKA_PREF