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1 DRP000379 DRA000375 Exploring bacterial diversity of the abyssal seafloor in the East Sea, Korea Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 71M 2011-04-14 GIMB
2 DRP000490 DRA000471 Comparative study of subseafloor microbial community structures in deeply buried coral fossils and sediment matrices from the Challenger Mound in the Porcupine Seabight Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 119.5M 2011-10-05 JAMSTEC
3 DRP000590 DRA000564 Metagenomic analyses of the viral communities in (hado)pelagic sediments Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 114.1M 2012-03-09 JAMSTEC
4 DRP000646 DRA000615 Impact of Seismogenic Fault Activities on Deep Subseafloor Life Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 254.9M 2012-04-06 JAMSTEC
5 DRP001072 DRA001030 An improved hot-alkaline DNA extraction method for deep subseafloor microbial communities Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 236M 2013-06-05 JAMSTEC
6 DRP001073 DRA001031 Metabolically active microbial communities in marine sediment under high-CO2 and low-pH extremes Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 19.9M 2013-06-05 JAMSTEC
7 DRP001076 DRA001034 Deep mud-volcano biosphere in the Nankai accretionary wedge Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 263.8M 2013-06-06 JAMSTEC
8 DRP001750 DRA001678 Preservation of ancient eukaryotic DNA in methane hydrate-associated marine sediments. Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 10.6M 2013-11-18 KYOTO_HE
9 DRP003064 DRA004584 Baltic Sea Other marine sediment metagenome 186.2M 2015-05-20 UVIENNA
10 DRP003373 DRA004709 Variations in prokaryotic community assembly and predicted metabolic potential of surface sediments with geography in the coastal northern Zhejiang, East China Sea Other marine sediment metagenome 445.1M 2016-04-29 NINGBO
11 DRP003461 DRA005539 Baltic Expression Project Other marine sediment metagenome 130.3M 2016-05-13 UVIENNA
12 DRP003776 DRA005497 Short-term interaction of pyrene and cadmium in prokaryotic community in coastal sediment microcosms Other marine sediment metagenome 760.4M 2017-01-04 NINGBO
13 DRP004243 DRA006867 Eelgrass sediment microbiome for nitrogen cycle and vitamin B12 Other marine sediment metagenome 6.2G 2018-05-18 NIHON_U
14 DRP004313 DRA004877 Seasonal and spatial diversity of bacterial communities in marine sediments of Ningbo Xiangshan Coastal Ocean Other marine sediment metagenome 641.2M 2016-07-04 NINGBO
15 DRP004345 DRA005987 Metagenomic analyses of the viral communities in an upper bathyal sediment Other marine sediment metagenome 1.1G 2017-07-19 JAMSTEC
16 DRP004533 DRA005201 Seasonal change in biomass and assemblage of Arctic eukaryota estimated by metagenome Other marine sediment metagenome 255.9M 2016-10-20 PHYTOROX
17 DRP004813 DRA006342 Microbial diversity in sediments from the bottom of the Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench. Other marine sediment metagenome 66.6M 2017-11-21 JAMSTEC
18 DRP005138 DRA006508 Fe-Mn crust 16S tags Other marine plankton metagenome
marine sediment metagenome
2.2G 2018-01-26 RIKEN_BRC
19 DRP005253 DRA006973 Change in community structure of sulfate-reducing bacteria in seasonally hypoxic bay sediments Other marine sediment metagenome 9.6M 2018-01-25 NAGASAKI
20 DRP005254 DRA007315 Studies on temporal changes in the sediment oxygen consumption and bacterial community structure in a seasonally hypoxic enclosed bay, Omura Bay Other marine sediment metagenome 421.7M 2018-08-29 NAGASAKI