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1 DRP000446 DRA000437
Comprehensive Detection of Possible Pathogens Associated with Kawasaki Disease Metagenomics human metagenome 114.7G 2011-08-18 NIID
2 DRP000454 DRA000445 Comprehensive Detection of Possible Bioterrorism Agents, Francisella sp., from clinical specimen using Next-generation Direct DNA Sequencing Metagenomics human metagenome 42M 2011-09-05 NIID
3 DRP000951 DRA000916 Community Analysis of Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Jaw Using 16S rRNA Gene-Based pyrosequencing Metagenomics human metagenome 71.8M 2013-01-06 TOKYO_MEDEN
4 DRP000983 DRA000946 Analysis microbial composition of peri-implantitis and periodontitis by 16S rRNA genes pyrosequencing Metagenomics human metagenome 183.5M 2013-01-29 TOKYO_MEDEN
5 DRP001011 DRA000973 MePIC sample reads to identify a possible pathogen from pharyngeal specimens by DNAseq Whole Genome Sequencing human metagenome 12.8M 2013-04-15 NIID
6 DRP001012 DRA000973 MePIC sample reads to identify a possible pathogen from pharyngeal specimens by RNAseq Whole Genome Sequencing human metagenome 14.7M 2013-04-15 NIID
7 DRP002747 DRA003590 Comprehensive analysis of microbes in human tear fluids Other human metagenome 97.1M 2015-03-08 KEIO-IAB
8 DRP003100 DRA002611
16S amplicon sequence analysis of microbial communities in the oral cavity, stomach and gut Other human metagenome 163.5M 2014-10-14 UT_COB
9 DRP003259 DRA004741 Metagenomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid from encephalitis patients Other human metagenome 1.1G 2016-05-19 NAGOYA
10 DRP004476 DRA005144 metagenomic 16S rDNA amplicon sequencing of amniotic fluid samples Other human metagenome 10.8G 2016-09-21 NRICHD
11 DRP004974 DRA008284 Mode and structure of the bacterial community on human scalp hair Other human metagenome 134.5M 2019-04-08 KYUSHU
12 DRP005056 DRA007629 16S rRNA gene sequencing Other human metagenome 24.1M 2018-11-25 KANSAI_MED
13 DRP005389 DRA008868 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing of lower respiratory sample in Japanese patients Other human metagenome 2G 2019-08-16 TUM-MID
14 DRP006203 DRA010377 16s rRNA sequencing Other human metagenome 4.3G 2020-06-12 FJMU
15 DRP006308 DRA010531 Galactose-deficient IgA response to phylum Bacteroidetes is increased in sera of patients with IgA nephropathy Other human metagenome 11.5G 2020-07-09 NIG
16 DRP006399 DRA010657 Analysis of lung microbiota from the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with acute severe respiratory distress syndrome Other human metagenome 1.2G 2020-06-27 KYOTO_PMED
17 DRP006831 DRA011283 Oral, vaginal, and intestinal microbiota analysis in pregnancy Other human metagenome 4.1G 2020-12-18 OSAKA_CITY
18 DRP007068 DRA008181 Rapid sequencing diagnosis of infectious bacterial species from meningitis patients in Zambia Other aquatic metagenome
human metagenome
76.6M 2019-03-22 TOKAI
19 DRP007180 DRA008307 Gastric cancer CAFs maintain SASP through epigenetic histone modification and enhance peritoneal metastasis Other human metagenome 10.1G 2019-04-17 KUMAMOTO
20 DRP007181 DRA008306 Exosomes derived from cancer associated fibroblasts enhance drug resistance of gastric cancer cells Other human metagenome 4.9G 2019-04-17 KUMAMOTO