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1 DRP000881 DRA000850 Alteration of the Structure of Humic Acids by Bacteria from the Deep Subsurface Miocene and Pliocene Formations in Northernmost Japan. Metagenomics groundwater metagenome 160.6K 2012-10-31 H-RISE
2 DRP002335 DRA002286 Subsurface bacterial community of Musashino Upland Other compost metagenome
groundwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
26.6M 2014-04-04 SAITAMA
3 DRP002887 DRA004443
Methane production mechanisms in deep subterrestrial environment in Southeastern Kyushu Other groundwater metagenome 472.4M 2016-11-08 SHIZUOKA
4 DRP003108 DRA004556 Regional variation of CH4 and N2 production processes in the deep aquifers of an accretionary prism Other groundwater metagenome 416.6M 2016-03-14 SHIZUOKA
5 DRP003137 DRA003557 Metabolically Active Bacteria of Nitrospirae Phylum Dominant in Deep Terrestrial Crust Other groundwater metagenome 789.1K 2015-05-14 FISHRA
6 DRP003329 DRA005250 Microbial methane production in the deep aquifer of accretionary prism in Okinawa Island Other groundwater metagenome 383.2M 2016-11-10 SHIZUOKA
7 DRP003663 DRA005422 Microbial community of various water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
955.8M 2017-01-05 YAMANASHI
8 DRP003706 DRA005823 Metagenome of The Cedars serpentinizing springs Other groundwater metagenome 24.1G 2017-05-26 JAMSTEC
9 DRP004002 DRA004963
16S rRNA gene and metagenomic sequencing analysis of a deep granitic aquifer Other groundwater metagenome 50.8M 2016-09-23 UT_SCI
10 DRP004079 DRA006583 Multi-omics analysis of bioaugmentation process with Rhodococcus jostii RHA1 in chloroethene-contaminated groundwater Other groundwater metagenome 41.2G 2018-02-15 NITE
11 DRP004523 DRA006433 Microbial community of various types of water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
785.3M 2018-01-22 YAMANASHI
12 DRP005349 DRA006057 Microbial community analysis in the terrestrial subsurface lignite seam of the Tempoku coalfield, Hokkaido, Japan. Other groundwater metagenome 2.5G 2017-08-09 H-RISE
13 DRP005767 DRA009534
Development of hydrogen gas (H2) producing system using H2-producing fermentative bacteria contained in deep groundwater Other groundwater metagenome 374.4M 2020-01-23 SHIZUOKA
14 DRP005947 DRA006658
Microbial rapid denitrification system in Kathmandu, Nepal Other groundwater metagenome 125.2M 2018-03-20 YAMANASHI
15 DRP006061 DRA010105 Chloroethenes-dechlorinating consortium using gluconate as a hydrogen donor Other groundwater metagenome 71.4M 2020-04-22 OSAKA_ENG
16 ERP011345 ERA463459 Retrieval of Commamox genomes using metagenomics Other groundwater metagenome
nitrifying bacterium enrichment culture
wastewater metagenome
17 ERP016392 ERA673813
Beach sand microbiome from Calvert Island Canada Other beach sand metagenome
groundwater metagenome
seawater metagenome
4.7G University of California San Diego Microbiome Initiative
18 ERP017176 ERA707337 Examination of Microbial Communities through a Freshwater/saltwater Transition Zone in Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico Other freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
seawater metagenome
sediment metagenome
258.2M University of California San Diego Microbiome Initiative
19 ERP023684 ERA962716 Samples presented at EMP conference June 2011 Shenzhen Other air metagenome
freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
insect metagenome
soil metagenome
7.1G University of California San Diego Microbiome Initiative
20 ERP103981 ERA1078654 In the first part of the experiment, naphthalene contaminated surface sediments, where effluent from the coal-tar contaminated groundwater surfaces, were incubated in situ with either 13C-labeled or natural abundance 13C-naphthalene at various dosing regimes. The dosing regimes correspond with 3 doses in a 24 hr timespan; 5 doses in a 72 hr timespan and 8 doses in 8 days. Shotgun metagenome libraries were prepared in triplicate from all 13C-labeled sediments following the enrichment for 13C-labeled DNA. Sediments fed natural abundance 12C-naphthalene were not replicated, but where exposed to the identical handling as DNA extracted from 13C-labeled sediment. In the second part of the experiment, groundwater was sampled from pristine ('upstream') and contaminated monitoring wells ('shallow','mid' and 'deep'). DNA was extracted directly from filters (5L of groundwater per well) and shotgun metagenomes were sequenced. This data corresponds with metaproteomic data from Hanson et al., 2015. Other groundwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
132.6G Cornell University