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1 DRP003403 DRA002861
Illuminating co-occurrence patterns of bacterial community in cellar Other fermentation metagenome 797.6M 2015-07-17 JIANGNAN
2 DRP003404 DRA004903 The succession of prokaryotic communities in Daqu during storing Other fermentation metagenome 46.7M 2016-07-21 JIANGNAN
3 DRP003724 DRA003756 16S amplicon sequence analysis of fermented beverage Other fermentation metagenome 7.3M 2015-07-17 UT_COB
4 DRP003737 DRA003811 16S amplicon sequence analysis of fermented beverage Other fermentation metagenome 10.3M 2015-07-29 UT_COB
5 DRP004940 DRA007978 Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo Other fermentation metagenome 468.8M 2018-12-27 HU_AGRI
6 DRP005012 DRA008271 Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo Other fermentation metagenome 339.4M 2019-04-08 HU_AGRI
7 DRP005782 DRA009548 The relationships between chemical constituents and microbial diversity in shinkiku, a fermented crude drug used in Kampo medicine Other fermentation metagenome 660.2M 2020-01-24 KAGOSHIMA
8 DRP006319 DRA010396 Bacterial community of Indigo reduction fluids made with different indigo sources Other fermentation metagenome 281.8M 2020-06-15 HU_AGRI
9 ERP015691 ERA625165 Impact_of_AXOS_and_pectin_supplements_added_to_mixed_dietary_carbohydrates_on_modulating_the_human_gut_microbiota__in_vitro_ Metagenomics fermentation metagenome
human gut metagenome
365.5M The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
10 ERP015718 ERA625279
Impact of post-harvest processing on the microbiota and metabolite profiles of green coffee bean production Other fermentation metagenome 3.5G VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSEL
11 ERP017154 ERA706795 Omics-based insights into flavor development and microbial succession within surface-ripened cheese Other fermentation metagenome 103.8G Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
12 ERP017163 ERA707295
Microbial succession and flavour production in the fermented dairy beverage kefir Other fermentation metagenome 9G Teagasc
13 ERP021833 ERA828740 We investigated the process-related dynamic of prokaryotic and fungal communities with the fermentation time (1, 10, 23, 34, 48, 59, and 70 days) using MiSeq-sequencing targeting 16SrRNA and ITS, respectively, change of the flavoring chemicals (e.g., ethanol, organic acid, ethyl esters) during the fermentation process, and the correlation between microorganisms and the flavoring chemicals. Other fermentation metagenome 642.6M zhangyy
14 ERP022010 ERA836700 Microbial community of PM microbiome Other fermentation metagenome 56.1M Chengdu Institute of Biology
15 ERP023873 ERA969621 Taxonomic and functional analysis of a water kefir fermentation ecosystem through shotgun metagenomic sequencing Other fermentation metagenome 2.2G VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSEL
16 ERP104300 ERA1090547
Bioinformatic pipelines have a more considerable impact than sequencing platforms on outputs from shotgun metagenomic analysis of low complexity microbial communities Other fermentation metagenome
food fermentation metagenome
34.3G Teagasc
17 ERP106602 ERA1195521 Anti-hepatosteatosis effect of fermented-Samjunghwan via postbiotic metabolites in HepG2 cells and OLETF rats Other fermentation metagenome 23M Dongguk University, Gyeongju, Korea
18 ERP106853 ERA1210071 X Other fermentation metagenome 14.2G Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
19 ERP108869 ERA1489864 BBC study Other fermentation metagenome
gut metagenome
141.1G Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
20 ERP112069 ERA1659146 Ferment: An outreach project using Nanopore 16S amplicon sequencing to investigate fermented foods Other fermentation metagenome 505.1M University of Exeter