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1 DRP003208 DRA004030 Genomic features of uncultured methylotrophs in activated-sludge microbiomes grown under different enrichment procedures Other activated sludge metagenome
bioreactor metagenome
200.3G 2015-09-17 TOKYO_PHARM
2 DRP003463 DRA005549 Microbial dynamics in a down-flow hanging sponge reactor treating soft drink wastewater Other bioreactor metagenome 1.5G 2017-02-13 UIUC
3 DRP003728 DRA003772 Bacterial community analysis of biofilm in a microbial fuel cell Other bioreactor metagenome 2.5G 2015-07-21 NARO
4 DRP003846 DRA004065 Miseq Sequencing Analysis of AI-1 Quorum Quenching Anoxic/Oxic Membrane Bioreactors Other bioreactor metagenome 5.3G 2015-10-02 SEOUL_UNIV
5 DRP004953 DRA005716 Bacterial community analysis Other bioreactor metagenome 118.2M 2017-04-05 NILGS
6 DRP006040 DRA010069 Insights into the effect of sulfate in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Process by metagenomics Other bioreactor metagenome 10G 2020-01-08 KANAZAWA
7 DRP006059 DRA010109
Treatment of 1,4-dioxane-containing wastewater using microbial carriers Other bioreactor metagenome 957M 2020-04-22 OSAKA_ENG
8 DRP006091 DRA010150 Insights into the effect of sulfate in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Process by metagenomics Other bioreactor metagenome 12.7M 2020-04-29 KANAZAWA
9 DRP006107 DRA010179 microbial diversity in compacted bentonite and culture Other bioreactor metagenome
clay metagenome
73.2M 2020-04-28 CRIEPI
10 DRP006489 DRA009883 Prokaryotic community analysis of a biofilm reactor for Cr(VI) removal Other bioreactor metagenome 54.5M 2020-03-19 WAKAYAMA_NCT
11 DRP006878 DRA008483 Decolorization of azo dye by Mn(II) oxidation and manganese-oxide reduction Other bioreactor metagenome 272.6M 2019-05-29 HIROSHIMA
12 DRP006897 DRA011208 Metagenomic analysis of bacteria in a long-term freshwater anammox column reactor Other bioreactor metagenome 124.7G 2020-12-10 HIROSHIMA
13 DRP006916 DRA007949 Analysis of microbiomes in AMD bioreactor Other bioreactor metagenome
mine drainage metagenome
soil metagenome
2.7G 2019-01-21 AIST
14 ERP000976 ERA064588 Molecular analysis of meso- and thermophilic microbiota associated with anaerobic biowaste degradation Metagenomics bioreactor metagenome 19.3M UH/IB
15 ERP009544 ERA410302 Microbial dynamics and properties of aerobic granules developed in a laboratory scale sequencing batch reactor with an intermediate filamentous bulking stage Other bioreactor metagenome 2.4G UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO
16 ERP009676 ERA412804 Microbial dynamics and biofouling in suspended and attached growth anaerobic membrane bioreactors treating low-strength synthetic wastewater Metagenomics bioreactor metagenome 3.8G WDRC KAUST
17 ERP010414 ERA436091 Microbial community dynamics in industrial algae production systems Other bioreactor metagenome 1.2G Colorado Center for Microbial Ecology, University of Colorado at Boulder
18 ERP010564 ERA441400 Angenent Lab Codigestion Microbiome Other bioreactor metagenome 3.1G CCME-COLORADO
19 ERP011574 ERA466281 shi Other bioreactor metagenome 7.7M CHINA ACADEMY
20 ERP013027 ERA528672 Inhibition factors in biofilm N removal systems treating wastes generated by amine based CO2 capture Other bioreactor metagenome 55.9M NTNU