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1 DRP003201 DRA003608
Striga infected rice transcriptome Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Striga hermonthica
99.4G 2015-06-05 RIKEN_CSRS
2 DRP004719 DRA007355 Transcriptome of in vitro culture of Striga hermonthica Other Striga hermonthica 3G 2018-08-28 KOBE_U
3 SRP083761 SRA009353 Parasitic Plant Genome Project (PPGP) Other Alectra vogelii
Aphyllon californicum
Phelipanche aegyptiaca
Phelipanche mutelii
Phelipanche ramosa
Striga gesnerioides
Striga hermonthica
Triphysaria eriantha
Triphysaria pusilla
Triphysaria versicolor subsp. faucibarbata
133G 2009-08-24 BioProject
4 SRP212357 SRA915142 Striga hermonthica Raw genome sequence reads Whole Genome Sequencing Striga hermonthica 73.3G BioProject