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1 DRP003426 DRA005414 Genome and transcriptome of parasite plants Orobanchaceae Other Aeginetia indica
Melampyrum roseum
Orobanche minor
Pedicularis keiskei
Phtheirospermum japonicum
175.9G 2016-12-20 SOKENDAI
2 DRP006432 DRA010691 Orobanche minor Transcriptome Other Orobanche minor 40.8G 2020-06-30 OSAKA_PREF
3 SRP056321 SRA247167 Conopholis americana Raw sequence reads Other Conopholis americana
Orobanche cernua
Orobanche cernua var. cumana
Orobanche minor
Triphysaria versicolor
92.3G BioProject