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1 DRP004269 DRA006678 Floral pigmentation pattern in Oriental hybrid lily (Lilium sp.) cultivar 'Dizzy' is caused by transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis genes Other Lilium hybrid division VII 4.2G 2018-03-29 HU_AGRI
2 ERP001106 ERA079146 Genotyping by high throughput sequencing of four different cultivars of Lilium Other Lilium hybrid division I
Lilium hybrid division VII
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium regale
681.6M Greenomics,Wageningen-UR
3 SRP084220 SRA460359 Lilium sp. Raw sequence reads Other Lilium
Lilium hybrid division VII
4.5G BioProject
4 SRP099923 SRA538278 Transcriptome sequencing of Asiatic hybrid lily cultivars Whole Genome Sequencing Lilium hybrid division VII 21.9G BioProject