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1 SRP003906 SRA025099 Generation of genome-scale gene-associated SNPs in catfish for the construction of a high-density SNP array Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus furcatus
Ictalurus punctatus
43.2G Auburn University
2 SRP008672 SRA046683 A Pilot Study for Channel Catfish Whole Genome Sequencing and de novo Assembly Pooled Clone Sequencing Ictalurus punctatus 2G 2011-10-04 Auburn
3 SRP008839 SRA047025 Ictalurus punctatus Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Ictalurus punctatus 31.6G 2011-10-13 BioProject
4 SRP009069 SRA046135 RNA-seq analysis of mucosal immune responses reveals signatures of intestinal barrier disruption and pathogen entry following Edwardsiella ictaluri infection in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 20G 2011-09-25 AUBURN UNIVERSITY
5 SRP010406 SRA049427 RNA-Seq analysis for heat tolerance associated genes in catfish Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 35.8G Auburn
6 SRP012586 SRA052235 Transcriptomic Signatures of Attachment, NF-?B Suppression and IFN Stimulation in the Catfish Gill Following Columnaris Bacterial Infection Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 20.5G 2012-05-01 Auburn University
7 SRP017673 SRA063156 Ictalurus punctatus Genome sequencing Other Ictalurus punctatus 36.3G 2012-12-23 BioProject
8 SRP017689 SRA063165
Ictalurus punctatus Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Ictalurus punctatus 55.7G 2012-12-24 BioProject
9 SRP018265 SRA065682 Channel catfish Testis Transcriptome Other Ictalurus punctatus 29.5G 2013-01-26 BioProject
10 SRP022159 SRA075234 Ictalurus punctatus strain:industry; USDA103; Thomson; Marion; Wild Genome sequencing Other Ictalurus punctatus 234.7G BioProject
11 SRP028159 SRA095898 Bulk segregant RNA-seq reveals expression and positional candidate genes and allele-specific expression for disease resistance against enteric septicemia of catfish Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 40.3G BioProject
12 SRP039612 SRA144713 Ictalurus punctatus strain:Marion Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Ictalurus punctatus 33.7G BioProject
13 SRP039640 SRA144828 Ictalurus furcatus Phenotype or Genotype Other Ictalurus punctatus 33.3G BioProject
14 SRP041359 SRA159085 Comparative transcriptomics of geographic strains of catfishes exposed to chronic high temperatures Other Ictalurus punctatus
Ictalurus punctatus x Ictalurus furcatus
53.5G GEO
15 SRP052919 SRA235251 Impact of feed additives on surface mucosal health and columnaris susceptibility in channel catfish fingerlings (ictalurus punctatus) Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 48.4G BioProject
16 SRP057507 SRA259407 Ictalurus punctatus Genome sequencing and assembly Other Cyprinus carpio
Ictalurus punctatus
Platydoras armatulus
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus
261G BioProject
17 SRP067841 SRA322785 Ictalurus punctatus Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Ictalurus punctatus 44.3G BioProject
18 SRP070957 SRA360389 More than Just Antibodies: Protective Mechanisms of a Mucosal Vaccine against Fish Pathogen Flavobacterium Columnare Whole Genome Sequencing Ictalurus punctatus 44.6G BioProject
19 SRP071025 SRA362886 Ictalurus punctatus isolate:BGSF-27 | cultivar:genomovar II Raw sequence reads Other Ictalurus punctatus 8.8G BioProject
20 SRP071305 SRA381843 Early Divergent Responses to Virulent and Attenuated Vaccine Isolates of Flavobacterium columnare in Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus Other Ictalurus punctatus 29.8G BioProject