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1 DRP001123 DRA001076
Changes in rhizosphere bacterial community of soybean during the growth in the field Pooled Clone Sequencing Glycine max
uncultured fungus
81.6M 2013-07-05 KYOTO_RISH
2 DRP002321 DRA002239 A high-density genetic map for soybean based on specific length amplified fragment sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 31.6G 2014-04-14 NEAU
3 DRP002673 DRA003247
The identification of miRNAs respond to day-length treatment Other Glycine max 1.7G 2015-03-29 UO-HTSEQ
4 DRP002690 DRA002416 Glycine max (L.) Merr. genome research Other Glycine max 37.4G 2014-07-29 NIAS
5 DRP002691 DRA003212 RNAseqs for transcriptome analysis of soybean (Glycine max L.; 2n=20) cultivar ENREI were s equenced. Other Glycine max 50.1G 2015-03-06 NIAS
6 DRP002726 DRA003004 A new strategy to identify the long-distance mobile peptides from xylem sap. Other Glycine max 2.4G 2015-02-03 NUGSS
7 DRP002779 DRA004035
Sequencing_soybean_EMS_mutant_library Other Glycine max 245.8G 2015-09-24 NIAS
8 DRP004544 DRA007480 Response of Rpp3-NIL to soybean rust Other Glycine max 58G 2018-05-17 NICS
9 DRP004833 DRA008086 Effect of thinning at R5 on transcriptome in soybean main stem Other Glycine max 30.6G 2018-12-06 NICS
10 SRP000190 SRA001022 Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Glycine max 106.6M 2008-05-20 UCLA_MCDB
11 SRP001059 SRA009358 Soybean WGS sequencing project Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 83.6M JGI
12 SRP001497 SRA010205 High-Throughput SNP Discovery through Deep Resequencing of a Reduced Representation Library to Anchor and Orient Scaffolds in the Soybean Whole Genome Sequence Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 285.2M 2009-12-10 SGIL_BARC
13 SRP002082 SRA012188 Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Glycine max 2.8G 2010-03-02 NCGR
14 SRP002083 SRA012189 Complementary genetic and genomic approaches help characterize the linkage group I seed protein QTL Other Glycine max 3.1G 2010-03-02 NCGR
15 SRP002176 SRA012316 Transcriptome changes in soybean seeds resulting from RNAi suppression of seed storage proteins Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 823.4M 2010-03-30 GEO
16 SRP002459 SRA012752 Endogenous, tissue-specific short-interfering RNAs silence the chalcone synthase gene family in Glycine max seed coats Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 504M 2010-05-14 GEO
17 SRP002643 SRA020544 Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Glycine max 4.3G 2010-06-16 UCLA_MCDB
18 SRP004444 SRA026471 Identification of miRNAs and their target genes in developing seeds of soybean by deep sequencing Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 1.4G 2011-01-03 GEO
19 SRP005466 SRA029362 Changes in DNA methylation during soybean seed development Epigenetics Glycine max
40.1G 2011-01-25 UCLA
20 SRP005906 SRA030423 Soybean RRLs from 5 soybean lines. Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 1.6G 2011-02-24 University of Illinois