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1 DRP001123 DRA001076
Changes in rhizosphere bacterial community of soybean during the growth in the field Pooled Clone Sequencing Glycine max
uncultured fungus
81.6M 2013-07-05 KYOTO_RISH
2 DRP002321 DRA002239 A high-density genetic map for soybean based on specific length amplified fragment sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 31.6G 2014-04-14 NEAU
3 DRP002673 DRA003247
The identification of miRNAs respond to day-length treatment Other Glycine max 1.7G 2015-03-29 UO-HTSEQ
4 DRP002690 DRA002416 Glycine max (L.) Merr. genome research Other Glycine max 37.4G 2014-07-29 NIAS
5 DRP002691 DRA003212 RNAseqs for transcriptome analysis of soybean (Glycine max L.; 2n=20) cultivar ENREI were s equenced. Other Glycine max 50.1G 2015-03-06 NIAS
6 DRP002726 DRA003004 A new strategy to identify the long-distance mobile peptides from xylem sap. Other Glycine max 2.4G 2015-02-03 NUGSS
7 DRP002779 DRA004035
Sequencing_soybean_EMS_mutant_library Other Glycine max 245.8G 2015-09-24 NIAS
8 DRP004544 DRA007480 Response of Rpp3-NIL to soybean rust Other Glycine max 58G 2018-05-17 NICS
9 DRP004833 DRA008086 Effect of thinning at R5 on transcriptome in soybean main stem Other Glycine max 30.6G 2018-12-06 NICS
10 ERP002622 ERA212649 Soybean genome variation revealed by high-depth resequencing of multiple cultivated and wild soybean genomes Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max
Glycine soja
260.4G KRIBB
11 ERP010948 ERA454097 New sources and identification of haplotypes for the soybean durable Rsv4 resistance gene for implementation of a breeding strategy and as a framework for map-based cloning. Other Glycine max 23.7G KRIBB
12 ERP014107 ERA560682 Rhizosphere and cyst microbiome in suppressive soils Other Glycine max 889.4M INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
13 ERP014121 ERA560786 Rhizosphere and cyst microbiome in suppressive soils Other Glycine max 497M INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
14 ERP016957 ERA694489 Comparison of root transcriptomes in four soybean cultivars with high and low isoflavonoid content Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 55.5G UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY
15 ERP022901 ERA907379 RNA-seq of hypoxic and normoxic soybean roots (cultivars: Embrapa 45 and BR 4) Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 5.3G unspecified center name
16 ERP024378 ERA982774 Metagenomic study on pasturelands chronically exposed to pesticides Other Glycine max Centre for Environmental Sciences, Hasselt University
17 ERP111880 ERA1651019 RNA-seq of soybean hairy roots in which GmMYB176 transcription factor was silenced or overexpressed Transcriptome Analysis Glycine max 32.2G Research Associate London Research and Development centre Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
18 ERP114017 ERA1751162 We resequenced 112 glycine soja and 133 glycine max in order to discover their selection signatures. Other Glycine max
Glycine soja
19 SRP000190 SRA001022 Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Glycine max 106.6M 2008-05-20 UCLA_MCDB
20 SRP001059 SRA009358 Soybean WGS sequencing project Whole Genome Sequencing Glycine max 83.6M JGI