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1 ERP002660 ERA215940 Diversity of populations of Deformed wing virus in the honeybee (Apis mellifera) pupae overtly infected by injection of DWV virus preparations from overtly and covertly infected honeybees to haemolymph. Transcriptome Analysis Deformed wing virus 8.9G School of Life Sciences
2 ERP004639 ERA282584 Study aimed to determine how the transmission routes of viruses (Deformed wing virus (DWV), closely related Varroa destructor virus-1 (VDV-1) and their recombinants) impact on virus diversity. DWV/VDV-1 is transmitted both vertically and orally in the mite free colonies. The mite Varroa destructor could inject viruses directly to the honeybee haemolymph. We studied effects of exposure to the mite Varroa-destructor feeding and experimental injection of DWV/VDV-1 preparations on virus diversity in the honeybees, pupae and adults. Other Apis mellifera
Deformed wing virus
3 SRP002799 SRA020830 Recombinants between Deformed wing virus and Varroa destructor virus are prevailing virus types in Varroa destructor- infested honeybee colonies. Whole Genome Sequencing Deformed wing virus 2.4G 2010-07-06 University of Warwick
4 SRP076605 SRA434206 Raw sequence reads Other Deformed wing virus
Varroa destructor virus
11.5G BioProject
5 SRP179491 SRA834929 RNA-seq of Deformed wing virus infecting Apis mellifera pupae. Other Deformed wing virus 21.8G BioProject