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1 DRP000156 DRA000156 TSS Seq of Ascidian Embryos Transcriptome Analysis Ciona intestinalis 428.7M 2010-02-28 OCU-CIB
2 DRP000554 DRA000528 TSS-seq of ascidian embryos treated with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine Transcriptome Sequencing Ciona intestinalis 517.3M 2012-02-09 OCU-CIB
3 DRP000935 DRA000902 Genome-wide mapping of DNA methylation in the Ciona intestinalis sperm genome by CAP-seq Epigenetics Ciona intestinalis 4.2G 2012-08-02 NIBB
4 DRP001361 DRA001290 Ciona intestinalis, RNA seq of the whole embryo. Transcriptome Analysis Ciona intestinalis 542.9M 2014-01-22 OIST
5 DRP002296 DRA002218 Genome sequence of an inbred strain of Ciona intestinalis Whole Genome Sequencing Ciona intestinalis 35.2G 2014-04-07 OIST
6 DRP002800 DRA003470 TGFbeta signaling in Ciona Other Ciona intestinalis 4.5G 2015-04-13 KYOTO_SC
7 DRP003099 DRA003742 Chromatin immunoprecipitations for Gata.a, Zic-r.a, Tcf7 and their control Other Ciona intestinalis 3.5G 2015-07-13 KYOTO_SC
8 DRP003302 DRA004572 Whole genome bisulfite sequencing of C. intestinalis embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 166.5G 2015-12-04 NIBB
9 DRP003588 DRA005285 Foxd ChIP-seq in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 3.1G 2016-11-26 KYOTO_SC
10 DRP003589 DRA005206 Foxd function in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 4.9G 2016-10-26 KYOTO_SC
11 DRP003810 DRA003460 EXPANDE project Other Branchiostoma floridae
Ciona intestinalis
Danio rerio
Gallus gallus
Mus musculus
Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
1.1T 2015-03-30 UT-BS
12 DRP004230 DRA006310 Controlling nonlinear biological system based on network structure Other Ciona intestinalis 6.2G 2017-10-31 KYOTO_SC
13 DRP004684 DRA007140 Tbx6b ChIP-seq in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 2.9G 2018-07-25 KYOTO_SC
14 DRP005511 DRA008742 Constructing scaffolds for genome assembly Other Ciona intestinalis 44.5G 2019-07-26 KYOTO_SC
15 DRP005512 DRA008508 Whole genome sequencing Other Ciona intestinalis 14G 2019-03-14 KYOTO_SC
16 SRP000402 SRA003624 Ciona intestinalis transcriptome analysis Other Ciona intestinalis 729.5M 2008-11-10 UT-MGS
17 SRP000634 SRA008249 A distinct class of small RNAs arises from pre-miRNA-proximal regions in a simple chordate Other Ciona intestinalis
Drosophila melanogaster
527.7M 2009-03-11 GEO
18 SRP000934 SRA008817 High-throughput sequence analysis of the SL trans-spliced mRNA population of tailbud embryos of the ascidian tunicate chordate Ciona intestinalis Other Ciona intestinalis 56.2M 2009-06-17 UOKNOR
19 SRP002173 SRA012313 small RNA sequencing of two developmental stages of Ciona intestinalis Transcriptome Analysis Ciona intestinalis 249.5M 2010-03-30 GEO
20 SRP002239 SRA012379 Conservation and divergence of methylation patterning in plants and animals Other Apis mellifera
Arabidopsis thaliana
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Ciona intestinalis
Danio rerio
Mus musculus
Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Populus trichocarpa
5G 2010-04-05 GEO