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1 DRP004516 DRA007429 Effects of queen pheromones on gene expression in ants and bees Other Apis mellifera
Bombus terrestris
Lasius flavus
Lasius niger
151.4G 2017-11-26 OIST
2 ERP000936 ERA061780 Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed or Large earth bumblebee) transcriptome sequencing study, using Roche 454-Titanium Transcriptome Analysis Bombus terrestris 888.5M Nematode and Neglected Genomics, IEB, University of Edinburgh
3 ERP007145 ERA363688 Bombus terrestris gut microbiome Other Bombus terrestris 1.3G CENTRE FOR ECOLOGY AND HYDROLOGY
4 ERP011091 ERA459674 Bombus terrestris labial gland gene expression analysis Other Bombus terrestris 5.6G Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany
5 ERP020199 ERA770307 Diversity and functionality of the bumblebee gut microbiota Other Bombus lapidarius
Bombus lucorum
Bombus pascuorum
Bombus terrestris
86M Jessy
6 ERP109299 ERA1516702 Non-virulent Paenibacillus are beneficial parts of wild bee microbiomes Other Anthophora aestivalis
Apis mellifera
Bombus cryptarum
Bombus lucorum
Bombus pascuorum
Bombus sylvarum
Bombus terrestris
Bombus veteranus
Eristalis arbustorum
Halictus rubicundus
Halictus scabiosae
Heriades truncorum
Osmia bicornis
Osmia brevicornis
Osmia caerulescens
Stelis punctulatissima
2.6G The University of Wurzburg
7 SRP001999 SRA012018 Bombus terrestris genome sequencing project Whole Genome Sequencing Bombus terrestris 9G 2010-02-24 BCM
8 SRP005626 SRA029801 Transcriptomic data for 12 bee species. Transcriptome Analysis Apis florea
Bombus impatiens
Bombus insularis
Bombus terrestris
Centris flavifrons
Euglossa cordata
Eulaema nigrita
Exoneura robusta
Frieseomelitta varia
Megachile rotundata
Megalopta genalis
Melipona quadrifasciata
1.3G 2011-02-06 University of Illinois
9 SRP007690 SRA044757 Bombus terrestris transcriptome project Other Bombus terrestris 19.8G 2011-08-09 BCM
10 SRP037972 SRA140072 Gene expression differences underlying genotype-by-genotype specificity in a host-parasite system Transcriptome Analysis Bombus terrestris 18.4G GEO
11 SRP049766 SRA201020 16S rDNA gut bumblebee Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics Bombus terrestris 1.2G BioProject
12 SRP051543 SRA221150 MiRNAs in the genomes of Bombus terrestris and Bombus impatiens Transcriptome Analysis Bombus terrestris 1.9G GEO
13 SRP061109 SRA277719 Bumble Bee Gut Reduced Representation Genomic Libraries Raw sequence reads Metagenomics Bombus occidentalis
Bombus pensylvanicus
Bombus terrestris
Bombus terricola
9.8M BioProject
14 SRP063883 SRA297725 Conservation and modification of genetic and physiological toolkits underpinning diapause in bumble bee queens Transcriptome Analysis Bombus terrestris 19.6G GEO
15 SRP070054 SRA353237 A MicroRNA Associated With Caste Determination in a Bumblebee is Expressed from a Mirtron Within a Homologue of Vitellogenin Transcriptome Analysis Bombus terrestris 2.2G GEO
16 SRP073311 SRA411839 RNA shotgun metagenomic sequencing in social and solitary wild bees Raw sequence reads Other Andrena vaga
Bombus pascuorum
Bombus terrestris
Osmia cornuta
955.4M BioProject
17 SRP076825 SRA434485 Bombus terrestris Raw sequence reads Whole Genome Sequencing Bombus terrestris 244.3G BioProject
18 SRP078334 SRA439733 Bombus terrestris audax Raw sequence reads Other Bombus terrestris 10.9G BioProject
19 SRP078797 SRA441411 Bombus terrestris genomic imprinting Other Bombus terrestris
Bombus terrestris audax
Bombus terrestris dalmatinus
205.6G BioProject
20 SRP091373 SRA483364 Bombus Population Samples Other Bombus impatiens
Bombus melanopygus
Bombus terrestris
154.8G BioProject