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1 DRP001296 DRA001231 Bisulfite sequence of queen and worker honeybee larvae Epigenetics Apis mellifera 22.2G 2013-09-25 TAMAGAWA
2 DRP001328 DRA001263 Bisulfite sequence of brains of worker honeybees Apis mellifera Epigenetics Apis mellifera 39.5G 2013-09-25 TAMAGAWA
3 DRP002603 DRA003219 Population genomics of honeybee (Apis mellifera) using present-day and museum specimens Other Apis mellifera 128.6G 2015-03-24 OIST
4 DRP002605 DRA003225 Population genomics of honeybee (Apis mellifera) using present-day and museum specimens Other Apis mellifera 88.8G 2015-03-19 OIST
5 DRP003636 DRA003585
Hybridization between bees of African and US populations Other Apis mellifera 764.5G 2015-07-01 OIST
6 DRP004203 DRA006808 The sex determination pathway underlies reproductive division of labor and social signalling in honey bees Other Apis mellifera 948.3M 2018-04-26 OIST
7 DRP004516 DRA007429 Effects of queen pheromones on gene expression in ants and bees Other Apis mellifera
Bombus terrestris
Lasius flavus
Lasius niger
151.4G 2017-11-26 OIST
8 DRP005597 DRA009235 Apis melliefera HiC data Other Apis mellifera 29.1G 2019-10-10 OIST
9 ERP001796 ERA163331
A RNA-seq study of worker honeybee larvae after exposure to imidacloprid. Transcriptome Analysis Apis mellifera 18.3G DPSQ
10 ERP002625 ERA213171 Effects of Deformed wing virus infection and the mite Varroa destructor on siRNA and miRNA composition in the honeybee (Apis mellifera) Transcriptome Analysis Apis mellifera 11.4G School of Life Sciences
11 ERP004373 ERA268893 DNA-based pollen identification Other Apis mellifera
Osmia bicornis
2.2M The University of Wurzburg
12 ERP004639 ERA282584 Study aimed to determine how the transmission routes of viruses (Deformed wing virus (DWV), closely related Varroa destructor virus-1 (VDV-1) and their recombinants) impact on virus diversity. DWV/VDV-1 is transmitted both vertically and orally in the mite free colonies. The mite Varroa destructor could inject viruses directly to the honeybee haemolymph. We studied effects of exposure to the mite Varroa-destructor feeding and experimental injection of DWV/VDV-1 preparations on virus diversity in the honeybees, pupae and adults. Other Apis mellifera
Deformed wing virus
13 ERP006052 ERA318827 Gene expression changes in the artificially reared honeybee (Apis mellifera) pupae orally infected at larval stage with RNA viruses, Deformed Wing Virus and Sacbrood Virus. Population Genomics Apis mellifera 5.1G WARWICK
14 ERP017708 ERA732771 Honey bee foraging ecology: Season but not landscape diversity shapes the amount and diversity of collected pollen Other Apis mellifera 963.9M The University of Wurzburg
15 ERP018386 ERA739481 Swiss honey bee population and conservation genomics Other Apis mellifera 293.4G Agroscope
16 ERP107185 ERA1230923 RNA-Seq of full-length RNA from worker and royal jelly of honey bees (Apis mellifera) Transcriptome Analysis Apis mellifera 26G Vered Kunik - bioinformatics consulting
17 ERP108466 ERA1366715 RNA-seq of total royal jelly and MRJP-3-bound RNA Transcriptome Analysis Apis mellifera 29.4G Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
18 ERP109299 ERA1516702 Non-virulent Paenibacillus are beneficial parts of wild bee microbiomes Other Anthophora aestivalis
Apis mellifera
Bombus cryptarum
Bombus lucorum
Bombus pascuorum
Bombus sylvarum
Bombus terrestris
Bombus veteranus
Eristalis arbustorum
Halictus rubicundus
Halictus scabiosae
Heriades truncorum
Osmia bicornis
Osmia brevicornis
Osmia caerulescens
Stelis punctulatissima
2.6G The University of Wurzburg
19 ERP109840 ERA1540483 16S and 18S metabarcoding of gut dysbiosis induced by co-exposition to pesticides and Nosema ceranae in the western honeybee Apis mellifera. Other Apis mellifera 44.5G UNIVERSITE CLERMONT AUVERGNE
20 ERP114458 ERA1787877 Bee Pollination Modifies the Structure of the Seed Microbiota Other Apis mellifera
Brassica napus
Osmia bicornis globosa