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1 DRP003736 DRA005446 RNA-seq analysis of Aphis gossypii for identifying neonicotinoid resistance related genes Other Aphis gossypii 64.3G 2017-01-13 NARO
2 ERP019629 ERA758242 RNA-Seq study of lipid regulation in Aphis gossypii parasitized by Lysiphlebia japonica Transcriptome Analysis Aphis gossypii 13.6G Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
3 SRP023128 SRA081951 Aphis gossypii Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Aphis gossypii 5.9G BioProject
4 SRP117813 SRA608867 Genetic diversity of melon aphids Aphis gossypii Other Aphis gossypii 31.2G BioProject
5 SRP225880 SRA979997 Obligate endosymbionts limit thermal tolerance of host species: Buchnera and aphids Other Acyrthosiphon pisum
Aphis fabae
Aphis gossypii
41.1G BioProject
6 SRP231482 SRA1001325 Microbiome diversity of cotton aphids Other Aphis gossypii 308.1M BioProject