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1 ERP006778 ERA352309 RNA-Seq of Arabidopsis thaliana developing siliques and seeds with temperature shifts Transcriptome Analysis Arabidopsis thaliana 46.7G University of Exeter
2 ERP023862 ERA1077184
The impact of NOD2 variants on fecal microbiota in Crohn's disease and healthy controls Other gut metagenome 3.8G University of Exeter
3 ERP105100 ERA1126009 Molecular ageing by measuring DNA methylation: a new tool for bat conservation Other Myotis bechsteinii 38.3G University of Exeter
4 ERP109461 ERA1522597 Genome sequences of Magnaporthe field-isolates. Other Pyricularia grisea
Pyricularia oryzae
Pyricularia pennisetigena
38.7G University of Exeter
5 ERP109496 ERA1523064 Genomic DNA was sequenced from rice blast fungus collected from different locations in Africa. Other Pyricularia oryzae 98.4G University of Exeter
6 ERP109508 ERA1523083
Gene editing in M. oryzae was performed using purified Cas9 pre-complexed to RNA guides to form ribonucleoproteins (RNPs). Other Pyricularia oryzae 34G University of Exeter
7 ERP111745 ERA1641260 Habitat Selection Effects on Brent Goose Gut Microbiomes Other Branta bernicla hrota 114.9G University of Exeter