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1 ERP119189 ERA2335247 Microbial community composition from the ENVISION project Other UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO
2 ERP119245 ERA2344539
Eukaryotic composition_ENVISION project Other uncultured eukaryote 10.2G UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO
3 ERP119347 ERA2345710 Prokaryotic composition_ENVISION project Other uncultured prokaryote 4G UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO
4 ERP120946 ERA2420518 Response of prokaryote community composition to riverine and atmospheric nutrients in a coastal embayment: role of organic matter on Vibrionales Other uncultured prokaryote UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO
5 ERP121029 ERA2421415 Prokaryotes_ENVISION Other UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO
6 SRP059050 SRA271263 ChangesinbacterialcommunitiesofEiseniaandrei Metagenomics gut metagenome 58.4M Universidade de Vigo
7 SRP095415 SRA505942 bacterial communities of cocoons from two earthworm species Metagenomics compost metagenome 2G Universidade de Vigo
8 SRP106471 SRA559582
changes in bacterial community composition and diversity of cast during ageing Metagenomics metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
296.7M Universidade de Vigo
9 SRP113238 SRA589343 glucocorticoids regulate gastrointestinal microbiome in a wild young bird Metagenomics gut metagenome 471.2M Universidade de Vigo
10 SRP120990 SRA622589 Changes in bacterial community structure and diversity during vermicomposting of scotch broom Metagenomics compost metagenome 746.1M Universidade de Vigo