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1 ERP002613 ERA212626 Microbiome assessment of two Osmia rufa nesting sites including larvae Other Osmia bicornis 1.9M The University of Wurzburg
2 ERP004373 ERA268893 DNA-based pollen identification Other Apis mellifera
Osmia bicornis
2.2M The University of Wurzburg
3 ERP006146 ERA320708 Computational integration of genomic traits into 16S rDNA microbiota sequencing studies Other Lythrum salicaria 662.7K The University of Wurzburg
4 ERP008802 ERA387460 Meterosideros Flower Microbiota Other Acacia koa
Crotalaria retusa
Metrosideros polymorpha
3G The University of Wurzburg
5 ERP008969 ERA393510 Diet determines bacterial diversity and community structure in Bornean pitcher plants Other Nepenthes rafflesiana 5.4G The University of Wurzburg
6 ERP013477 ERA542282 Effects of crown gall disease on natural microbiota of Vitis vinifera Other Vitis vinifera 3.5G The University of Wurzburg
7 ERP017351 ERA712586 The Venus flytrap microbiota withstands extreme conditions during prey digestion Other Dionaea muscipula 1.2G The University of Wurzburg
8 ERP017708 ERA732771 Honey bee foraging ecology: Season but not landscape diversity shapes the amount and diversity of collected pollen Other Apis mellifera 963.9M The University of Wurzburg
9 ERP024477 ERA1520642
Microbial community structure in a tropical Malaysian peat swamp forest: the influence of tree species and depth Other Eleiodoxa conferta
Koompassia malaccensis
Shorea uliginosa
4.4G The University of Wurzburg
10 ERP109282 ERA1516606 Microbiome community structure and succession in the nests of two megachilid bee genera Other Megachile rotundata
Megachile versicolor
Osmia bicornis
Osmia caerulescens
2.6G The University of Wurzburg
11 ERP109299 ERA1516702 Non-virulent Paenibacillus are beneficial parts of wild bee microbiomes Other Anthophora aestivalis
Apis mellifera
Bombus cryptarum
Bombus lucorum
Bombus pascuorum
Bombus sylvarum
Bombus terrestris
Bombus veteranus
Eristalis arbustorum
Halictus rubicundus
Halictus scabiosae
Heriades truncorum
Osmia bicornis
Osmia brevicornis
Osmia caerulescens
Stelis punctulatissima
2.6G The University of Wurzburg
12 ERP109301 ERA1516707 Genome: Non-virulent Paenibacillus are beneficial parts of wild bee microbiomes Other Paenibacillus polymyxa 1.4G The University of Wurzburg
13 ERP114183 ERA1758252
Linking pollen foraging of megachilid bees to their nest bacterial microbiota Other Heriades truncorum
Megachile ligniseca
Megachile rotundata
Megachile versicolor
Osmia bicornis
Osmia caerulescens
Osmia leaiana
3.3G The University of Wurzburg
14 ERP115518 ERA1953580
Honey bee waggle dance communication increases diversity of pollen diets in intensively managed agricultural landscapes Other Apis mellifera
Lolium perenne
1.5G The University of Wurzburg
15 ERP121649 ERA2597133 Turnover of nest bacterial microbiome in nests of deceased red mason bees Other Osmia bicornis 2.2G The University of Wurzburg
16 ERP123724 ERA2827330 Resource diversity and nutritional quality in solitary bees Other Chelostoma florisomne
Heriades truncorum
Hylaeus communis
Megachile rotundata
Megachile versicolor
Osmia bicornis
Osmia caerulescens
Osmia cornuta
Osmia leaiana
The University of Wurzburg