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1 DRP003613 DRA004058 Scoparia dulcis Other Scoparia dulcis 3.1G 2015-10-05 TOYAMA
2 DRP004251 DRA004776 Aconitum japonicum Other Aconitum japonicum 2.6G 2016-06-01 TOYAMA
3 DRP004256 DRA004775 Polygala tenuifolia Other Polygala tenuifolia 3.1G 2016-06-01 TOYAMA
4 DRP005275 DRA007352 Airborne microbial communities at high-altitude and suburban sites in Toyama, Japan suggest a new perspective for bioprospecting Other aerosol metagenome 506M 2018-09-12 TOYAMA
5 DRP005317 DRA008690 RNAs in a decoction of Glycyrrhizae Radix Other Glycyrrhiza uralensis 279.8M 2019-07-12 TOYAMA
6 DRP005545 DRA009183 Characteristics of bacterial bioaerosols at Toyama and Yokohama in Japan as assessed by eight-stage Andersen sampler and Illumina MiSeq sequencing Other aerosol metagenome 1.4G 2019-10-29 TOYAMA
7 DRP006836 DRA011282
CD8+ T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire analysis Other Mus musculus 1.9G 2020-12-03 TOYAMA