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1 DRP003063 DRA003058 Transcriptome profile changes during the early larval development from egg of Echinococcus multilocularis Other Echinococcus multilocularis 66.3G 2015-02-24 TOTTORI
2 DRP003916 DRA005563 Hordeum vulgare Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Hordeum vulgare 31.6G 2017-02-17 TOTTORI
3 DRP004232 DRA006825 Draft genome sequence analysis of Taiwanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) Other Pyrus pyrifolia 21.3G 2018-04-23 TOTTORI
4 DRP004233 DRA006824 Draft genome sequence analysis of Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) Other Pyrus pyrifolia 21.5G 2018-04-23 TOTTORI
5 DRP005527 DRA006370 Effect of domestic animal grazing on vegetation and arbuscular mycorrhzal fungi in Mongolia Other fungus metagenome 933.7M 2017-10-19 TOTTORI
6 DRP005922 DRA009231
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community of Japanese forests Other root associated fungus metagenome
root metagenome
640.2M 2019-10-31 TOTTORI
7 DRP006034 DRA006769 Transcriptome analysis of chitin-treated tomato Other Solanum lycopersicum 26G 2018-04-17 TOTTORI
8 DRP006356 DRA010085 Transcriptome analysis in Eustoma grandiflorum root Other Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum 54.8G 2020-04-16 TOTTORI
9 DRP006772 DRA008017 Community structure and genotype specificity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of sorghum in Sudan Other fungus metagenome 511.2M 2019-01-18 TOTTORI
10 DRP006906 DRA008012 Ecological feature and function of root endophytes in the Colorado desert Other root metagenome 4.6G 2019-01-17 TOTTORI