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1 DRP001053 DRA001011 Comparative metagenome analyses of anode-associated microbial communities developed in rice paddy field-soil microbial fuel cells Metagenomics bioanode metagenome
soil metagenome
22G 2013-05-22 TOKYO_PHARM
2 DRP001066 DRA001024 Anode-associated microbial communities developed in cassette-electrode microbial fuel cells Metagenomics ecological metagenomes 28.3M 2013-05-24 TOKYO_PHARM
3 DRP001235 DRA001173 Metagenomic analyses of microbial communities generating electricity from methanol Metagenomics bioanode metagenome
biocathode metagenome
microbial fuel cell metagenome
sludge metagenome
7G 2013-09-26 TOKYO_PHARM
4 DRP002608 DRA002845 Effects of NaCl concentrations on anode microbes in microbial fuel cells Other biofilm metagenome 36.5M 2014-11-03 TOKYO_PHARM
5 DRP003206 DRA004626 Effects of NaCl concentrations on anode microbes in microbial fuel cells inoculated with mangrove soils Other bioanode metagenome 52.5M 2016-04-08 TOKYO_PHARM
6 DRP003207 DRA004250 Isolation and characterization of an organics-sensitive iron-oxidizing acidophile affiliated with the genus Acidithiobacillus Other Acidithiobacillus sp. NU-1 5.2G 2015-12-24 TOKYO_PHARM
7 DRP003208 DRA004030 Genomic features of uncultured methylotrophs in activated-sludge microbiomes grown under different enrichment procedures Other activated sludge metagenome
bioreactor metagenome
200.3G 2015-09-17 TOKYO_PHARM
8 DRP003209 DRA004371 Phylogenetic analysis of anode-associated microbiomes developed in rice paddy-field microbial fuel cells. Other bioanode metagenome
rice paddy metagenome
10.1M 2016-01-15 TOKYO_PHARM
9 DRP003216 DRA004918 Poly iron sulfate flocculant as an effective additive for improving the performance of microbial fuel cells Other microbial fuel cell metagenome 50.2M 2016-07-26 TOKYO_PHARM
10 DRP003292 DRA005155 Electricity generation from rice bran in microbial fuel cells Other microbial fuel cell metagenome 17.9M 2016-10-04 TOKYO_PHARM
11 DRP003295 DRA004940 Heterotrophic methanogens dominate in anaerobic digesters Other biogas fermenter metagenome 106.9G 2016-08-01 TOKYO_PHARM
12 DRP004655 DRA007443 Identification and detection of USA300 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones with a partial deletion in the ccrB2 gene on the type IV SCCmec element Other Staphylococcus aureus 175.2M 2018-10-16 TOKYO_PHARM
13 DRP005159 DRA007349 Effects of conductive carbon nanomaterials on methanogens Other sludge metagenome 6.4M 2018-09-14 TOKYO_PHARM
14 DRP005178 DRA008578 Metatranscriptomic evidences for magnetite nanoparticle-stimulated acetoclastic methanogenesis under continuous agitation Other sludge metagenome 138.1G 2019-06-13 TOKYO_PHARM
15 DRP005654 DRA009342 Marine-sediment microbial fuel cells treating complex organic Matter Other marine sediment metagenome
microbial fuel cell metagenome
1.5G 2019-12-05 TOKYO_PHARM
16 DRP006028 DRA010022 Enhanced electricity generation in rice paddy-field microbial fuel cells supplemented with iron powders Other rice paddy metagenome 504.2M 2020-04-09 TOKYO_PHARM
17 DRP006042 DRA010067 Intrauterine exosomal miRNA on pregnant day 7 in cow Other Bos taurus 6.9G 2020-04-16 TOKYO_PHARM