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1 SRP000178 SRA000300 Brassica napus ESTs Other Brassica napus 16.3M 2008-04-03 OILCROP
2 SRP000781 SRA008652 oilseed rapa EST from seed Transcriptome Analysis Brassica napus 77.4M 2009-06-02 OILCROP
3 SRP007930 SRA045576 pooled samples sequencing for BSA Pooled Clone Sequencing Brassica napus 4.4G 2011-08-23 OILCROP
4 SRP008841 SRA047029 A fine comparison of mRNA expression levels of Sinapis alba leaves under rewatering growth conditions (SaW-A) and drought stress conditions (DL-B) Other Brassica napus 296.2M 2011-10-14 OILCROP