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1 SRP002441 SRA012724 EST derived SSR markers in Jatropha curcas L.: Development, characterization, polymorphism and across species/genera transferability Other Jatropha curcas 529.8K 2010-05-11 National Botanical Research Institute
2 SRP005286 SRA029142 Gene networks controlling drought traits in Gossypium herbaceum L. Other Gossypium herbaceum 340.2M 2011-01-13 National Botanical Research Institute
3 SRP005287 SRA029144 transcriptome sequences from leaf tissue of drought tolerant germplasm of G.herbaceum Transcriptome Analysis Gossypium herbaceum 81.4M 2011-01-13 National Botanical Research Institute
4 SRP010197 SRA049118
Gossypium hirsutum Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Gossypium hirsutum 1.7G 2012-01-10 National Botanical Research Institute
5 SRP010478 SRA049525 Tectaria macrodonta strain:wild type Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Tectaria 69.6M 2012-01-24 National Botanical research Institute
6 SRP010606 SRA049667
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Wild Type and pap1 Mutant of Papaver somnifera Using 454-Sequencing Platform Transcriptome Analysis Papaver somniferum 590.8M 2012-01-27 National Botanical Research Institute