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1 DRP001079 DRA001037 Nitrogen cycle in cryoconites: naturally-occurring nitrification-denitrification granules on a glacier in Central Asia Pooled Clone Sequencing uncultured bacterium 208.9M 2013-06-11 NIPR
2 DRP002802 DRA004099
Bacterial communities changes with granulation process of cryoconite granules on Qaanaaq Glacier, Greenland Other uncultured bacterium 810.8M 2015-08-26 NIPR
3 DRP003045 DRA003576 Sequencing extinct Japanese otter Other museum specimen metagenome 1.4G 2015-05-25 NIPR
4 DRP003923 DRA005575 Estimation of the cyanobacterial mutation rate from the ancient ice core Other glacier metagenome 10.5G 2017-02-22 NIPR
5 DRP005653 DRA006380 Whole genome analyses of Antarctic yeasts Other Cystobasidium ongulense
Glaciozyma watsonii
Mrakia blollopis
Mrakia gelida
106.8G 2017-12-06 NIPR