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1 DRP000788 DRA000757 Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) Transcriptome Analysis Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta 923.8M 2012-09-26 NIFTS
2 DRP001811 DRA001738 Pyrus pyrifolia Genome-wide SNP discovery Other Pyrus pyrifolia 948.7M 2014-02-27 NIFTS
3 DRP002666 DRA002476 Genome sequencing of pineapple (Ananas comosus) cultivar 'N67-10' Other Ananas comosus 19.5G 2014-09-01 NIFTS
4 DRP002903 DRA004471 Small RNA analysis of mycoviruses in Rosellinia necatrix Other Rosellinia necatrix 17.6G 2016-02-22 NIFTS
5 DRP003176 DRA004605 Castanea crenata genome sequencing Other Castanea crenata 237.6G 2016-04-01 NIFTS
6 DRP003281 DRA004956 Satsuma mandarin BAC sequencing Other Citrus unshiu 26.9M 2016-08-05 NIFTS
7 DRP003937 DRA004679 Transcriptome analysis of columnar and noncolumnar apples Other Malus domestica 44.3G 2016-04-27 NIFTS
8 DRP003980 DRA004360 Genome sequencing of mango (Mangifera indica) cultivar 'Irwin' Other Mangifera indica 1.7G 2016-01-27 NIFTS
9 DRP004549 DRA006318 RNA sequencing of Rosellinia necatrix infected with a mycovirus Other Rosellinia necatrix 40.3G 2017-11-08 NIFTS
10 DRP006502 DRA008915 Transcriptome analysis in grapevine Other Vitis x labruscana x Vitis vinifera 11G 2019-09-02 NIFTS