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1 DRP003564 DRA004333 "Fuji" apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) genome re-sequencing project Other Malus domestica 44.6G 2015-12-09 NICS
2 DRP004128 DRA006061 Genome re-sequencing of Koshihikari-related cultivars Other Oryza sativa Indica Group
Oryza sativa Japonica Group
231.5G 2017-03-27 NICS
3 DRP004209 DRA006270 Captured sequencing of Japanese cultivated wheat Other Triticum aestivum 5.2G 2017-08-31 NICS
4 DRP004453 DRA005784 Japan MAGIC population in rice Other Oryza sativa
Oryza sativa Indica Group
40.4G 2017-05-09 NICS
5 DRP004544 DRA007480 Response of Rpp3-NIL to soybean rust Other Glycine max 58G 2018-05-17 NICS
6 DRP004833 DRA008086 Effect of thinning at R5 on transcriptome in soybean main stem Other Glycine max 30.6G 2018-12-06 NICS
7 DRP005328 DRA008758 Efficient production of a triple recessive mutant with altered seed dormancy in bread wheat via CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing Other Hordeum vulgare 1.9T 2018-10-15 NICS
8 DRP005556 DRA009197 de novo genome assembly of Oryza sativa ssp. indica cv. IR64 Other Oryza sativa Indica Group 146.7G 2019-10-15 NICS
9 DRP005649 DRA009307 Whole genome sequencing data of Vigna nakashimae var. Ukushima and G418 Other Vigna nakashimae 134.3G 2019-11-15 NICS
10 DRP006142 DRA008887 Restorer and relative lines of sorghum F1 cultivars in Japan Other Sorghum bicolor 167.4G 2019-08-22 NICS
11 DRP006613 DRA008432 Mikan Genome Database Project Other Citrus trifoliata
Citrus unshiu
177.7G 2019-05-20 NICS