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1 DRP000576 DRA000550 Carnation large scale EST-normalized library Transcriptome Sequencing Dianthus caryophyllus 763.9M 2012-05-02 NARO
2 DRP003184 DRA004876 bovine rumen metatranscriptome Other bovine gut metagenome 74.2M 2016-07-07 NARO
3 DRP003631 DRA005449 Mapping of rice endosperm starch altered gelatinization mutant Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 47.2G 2017-01-16 NARO
4 DRP003728 DRA003772 Bacterial community analysis of biofilm in a microbial fuel cell Other bioreactor metagenome 2.5G 2015-07-21 NARO
5 DRP003736 DRA005446 RNA-seq analysis of Aphis gossypii for identifying neonicotinoid resistance related genes Other Aphis gossypii 64.3G 2017-01-13 NARO
6 DRP003830 DRA005501 RNA-seq analysis of Spodoptera litura for understanding its polyphagousity Other Spodoptera litura 20.4G 2017-01-25 NARO
7 DRP003909 DRA005555 Effects of Wolbachia on the butterfly Eurema mandarina Other Eurema mandarina 19.6G 2017-02-16 NARO
8 DRP004554 DRA006863
Identification of the mutation associated with reduced seed shattering in a high-yielding indica rice cultivar 'Oonari' Other Oryza sativa Indica Group 42.3G 2018-05-17 NARO
9 DRP004577 DRA007256 Development of an integrated modeling method for designing new cultivars with high performance Other Oryza sativa 199.3G 2018-08-23 NARO
10 DRP004692 DRA006312 RNA-seq for shoots of rice BILs Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 75.6G 2017-11-07 NARO
11 DRP004907 DRA007344
Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development Other Eumeta japonica 6.5G 2018-09-14 NARO
12 DRP005014 DRA007559 RNA-seq analysis of Thrips tabaci in Japan for identifying pyrethroid resistance related genes Other Thrips tabaci 78.6G 2018-11-05 NARO
13 DRP005268 DRA008194
characterization of mutations induced by gamma-ray and carbon-ion irradiation Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 153.3G 2019-03-27 NARO
14 DRP005602 DRA009127 Vigna Genome Project (Vigna stipulacea) Other Vigna stipulacea 20.6G 2019-10-15 NARO
15 DRP005657 DRA006387 Genome-wide DNA methylation profile in mutants of a rice HISTONE DEACETYLASE (HDA705) Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 65.9G 2017-12-07 NARO
16 DRP005682 DRA008969 ddRAD-seq and RNA-seq analysis of Plutella xylostella to identify genes involved in resistance to diamide insecticides Other Plutella xylostella 150.9G 2019-09-11 NARO
17 DRP005829 DRA009657 Origin of weedy rice in Japan Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 482.1G 2020-02-10 NARO
18 DRP005903 DRA008375
Sequence assessment of NBT products Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 371.7G 2019-05-08 NARO
19 DRP006108 DRA008970 Peptidoglycan recognition protein genes expressed in the green rice leafhopper Nephotettix cincticeps Other Nephotettix cincticeps 8.1G 2019-09-12 NARO
20 DRP006111 DRA009191 RNA-seq analysis of Tetranychus urticae to identify candidate genes involved in cyflumetofen resistance Other Tetranychus urticae 48.3G 2019-10-31 NARO