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1 DRP000347 DRA000344 Identification of EMS-induced Causal Mutations in A Nonreference Arabidopsis thaliana Accession by Whole Genome Sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Arabidopsis thaliana 11.6G 2011-02-18 NAIST_BS
2 DRP000899 DRA000865 FE, a phloem-specific Myb protein, regulates the long-distance transport of the mobile floral signal FT Whole Genome Sequencing Arabidopsis thaliana 5.9G 2012-12-10 NAIST_BS
3 DRP001412 DRA001341 Contribution of NAC transcription factors to plant adaptation to land Transcriptome Sequencing Physcomitrium patens 10.8G 2014-01-24 NAIST_BS
4 DRP002453 DRA002310 Florigen-induced Transposon Silencing in the Shoot Apex during Floral Induction in Rice Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 11.2G 2013-08-26 NAIST_BS
5 DRP003119 DRA004671
Replication fork progression is paused in two large chromosomal zones flanking the DNA replication origin in Escherichia coli Other Escherichia coli 4G 2016-04-12 NAIST_BS
6 DRP003148 DRA003952 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase1 (AHA1) plays a major role in Arabidopsis thaliana for stomatal opening in response to blue light Other Arabidopsis thaliana 8.5G 2015-07-28 NAIST_BS
7 DRP003755 DRA005183
Brassica rapa anther sRNA sequence Other Brassica rapa 555.3M 2016-10-17 NAIST_BS
8 DRP003781 DRA005091 Time-course transcriptome of tobacco BY-2 suspension culture cells carrying an inducible VND7 system Other Nicotiana tabacum 18G 2016-09-03 NAIST_BS
9 DRP003786 DRA005816 Root-knot nematodes infection transcriptome in Arabidopsis Other Arabidopsis thaliana 9.8G 2017-05-20 NAIST_BS
10 DRP003984 DRA005845 Genome-wide analysis of transcription start sites in Arabidopsis planta Other Arabidopsis thaliana 4.3G 2017-05-31 NAIST_BS
11 DRP003989 DRA006008 Genome-wide analysis of mRNA half-lives in Arabidopsis T87 cultured cell. Other Arabidopsis thaliana 24G 2017-07-31 NAIST_BS
12 DRP003990 DRA005995 Genome-wide analysis of degradation sites in Arabidopsis T87 cultured cell Other Arabidopsis thaliana 21.9G 2017-07-17 NAIST_BS
13 DRP004127 DRA006661 Genome-wide analysis of transcription start sites and polysome association at each 5'UTR variant in Oryza sativa suspension cells Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 26.2G 2018-03-22 NAIST_BS
14 DRP004170 DRA004655 Arabidopsis genome resequecing for responsible loci (mutation) detection Other Arabidopsis thaliana 1.9G 2016-04-15 NAIST_BS
15 DRP005301 DRA006129 Time-course transcriptome of in vitro xylem differentiation system using Arabidopsis cotyledons Other Arabidopsis thaliana 23.5G 2017-08-31 NAIST_BS
16 DRP005432 DRA007203 Genome-wide analysis of cleavage sites in OS suspension cell (Rice) Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 12.5G 2018-08-07 NAIST_BS
17 DRP005434 DRA007787 Genome-wide analysis of mRNA cleavage sites in Rosa hybrida cv. Cool Water. Other Rosa hybrid cultivar 7.6G 2018-12-25 NAIST_BS
18 DRP005435 DRA007204 Genome-wide analysis of cleavage sites in Lactuca sativa L. cv. Green wave Other Lactuca sativa 12.1G 2018-08-08 NAIST_BS
19 DRP005725 DRA009453 transcriptome analysis for haustroium development in Cuscuta campestris parasitizing on host plant A. thaliana Other Cuscuta campestris 167.1G 2019-12-27 NAIST_BS
20 DRP006707 DRA009373 Genome-wide analysis of mRNA cleavage sites in in Arabidopsis thaliana using seedling Other Arabidopsis thaliana 15G 2019-12-09 NAIST_BS