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1 DRP004649 DRA006455
Single cell transcriptome analysis of Physcomitrella leaf cells Other Physcomitrium patens 52.6G 2017-12-14 NAIST
2 DRP005398 DRA008650 Quantitative detection of ALK fusion breakpoints in plasma cell-free DNA from patients with non-small cell lung cancer using PCR-based target sequencing with a tiling primer set and two-step mapping/alignment Other Homo sapiens 1.7G 2019-07-05 NAIST
3 DRP005455 DRA008308 Striga asiatica RNA seqeuncing Other Striga asiatica 75.7G 2019-04-19 NAIST
4 DRP006198 DRA010366 Divergence of metabolites in three phylogenetically close Monascus species Other Monascus pilosus
Monascus purpureus
Monascus ruber
14.8G 2020-06-11 NAIST
5 DRP006353 DRA010387 Phtheirospermum japonicum RNAseq Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Phtheirospermum japonicum
66.1G 2020-06-15 NAIST
6 DRP006391 DRA010647 Whole genome sequence of Phtheirospermum japonicum ethylene related mutants Other Phtheirospermum japonicum 218.6G 2020-07-31 NAIST