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1 DRP002362 DRA002293 Bacterial community of S cycle UASB sludge Other uncultured bacterium 91.3M 2014-06-26 NAGAOKA_TECH
2 DRP002437 DRA002433 Community composition of known and uncultured archaeal lineages in anaerobic wastewater treatment sludge Other uncultured archaeon 107.4M 2014-08-21 NAGAOKA_TECH
3 DRP002796 DRA003505 High-organic loading treatment for actual molasses wastewater: microbial community shifts corresponding to system development Other uncultured microorganism 85M 2015-04-20 NAGAOKA_TECH
4 DRP003348 DRA005103 Microbial community analysis of granules in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor Other sludge metagenome 19.1G 2016-08-27 NAGAOKA_TECH
5 DRP005489 DRA007151 Eukaryotic community structures in anaerobic granular sludge based on 18S rRNA gene sequencing Other sludge metagenome 415.7M 2018-07-25 NAGAOKA_TECH
6 DRP006084 DRA010144 Microbial community for biofilm and activated sludge in MBR Other activated sludge metagenome
biofilm metagenome
185.8M 2020-04-20 NAGAOKA_TECH
7 DRP006102 DRA006840 MBR bacterial consortium Other activated sludge metagenome
biofilm metagenome
bioreactor sludge metagenome
108.3M 2018-05-07 NAGAOKA_TECH
8 DRP006199 DRA009555 Microbial community structure of mesh rotating biological reactor (MRBR) treating sewage Other biofilm metagenome 98.4M 2020-01-27 NAGAOKA_TECH