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1 ERP010288 ERA434600
Subseafloor microbes at Mid-Cayman Rise Metagenomics hydrothermal vent metagenome 41.2G MARINE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY
2 ERP010657 ERA443595 Axial Seamount Marker 113 RNA-SIP metatranscriptomes from 2013 Metagenomics hydrothermal vent metagenome 108.7G Marine Biological Laboratory
3 ERP010735 ERA446879 GRIP-seq data for S. purpuratus, 24hpf embryos Whole Genome Sequencing Strongylocentrotus purpuratus 6.1G MARINE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY
4 ERP013434 ERA542162
Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount from 2014 Other metagenome 60.8G Marine Biological Laboratory
5 ERP017354 ERA713469
Subseafloor microbes at Mid-Cayman Rise Other hydrothermal vent metagenome 324.7G MARINE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY
6 ERP021200 ERA802829
Metagenomic investigation of tubeworm endosymbionts from Mid-Cayman Rise Other invertebrate metagenome 46.2G Marine Biological Laboratory
7 ERP021493 ERA813707 Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount from 2015 Other hydrothermal vent metagenome
marine metagenome
74.4G Marine Biological Laboratory
8 ERP108001 ERA1308391 Wolbachia population genomes from individual Culex pipiens ovaries Other Culex pipiens 102.9G Marine Biological Laboratory
9 ERP122143 ERA2667859 Axial Seamount RNA-SIP experiments from Marker 33 vent, via shipboard and seafloor incubator Other marine metagenome 67.8G Marine Biological Laboratory
10 SRP000905 SRA009008 Diversity and population structure of sewage derived microorganisms in wastewater treatment plant influent Metagenomics freshwater metagenome
wastewater metagenome
34.7M 2009-06-28 Marine Biological Laboratory
11 SRP000912 SRA009018
Metagenome isolated from a hydrothermal vent Metagenomics marine metagenome
81.5M 2009-07-01 Marine Biological Laboratory
12 SRP001610 SRA010479 Ironing Out the Wrinkles in the Rare Biosphere Metagenomics 2010-01-08 Marine Biological Laboratory
13 SRP007098 SRA000606
Communities of deep marine water masses Metagenomics uncultured organism 27.1M 2005-12-20 Marine Biological Laboratory