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1 DRP000975 DRA000938 Whole genome sequencing on Lotus japonicus RILs Whole Genome Sequencing Lotus japonicus 31.4G 2013-02-13 KYOTO_HE
2 DRP001002 DRA000964 Sharing of diverse mycorrhizal and root-endophytic fungi between dominant and subordinate plant species in an oak-dominated forest Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome 101.3M KYOTO_HE
3 DRP001052 DRA001010 Complex community structure of ectomycorrhizal, arbuscular-mycorrhizal and root-endophytic fungi in a mixed subtropical forest of ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular-mycorrhizal plants Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome 84.8M KYOTO_HE
4 DRP001750 DRA001678 Preservation of ancient eukaryotic DNA in methane hydrate-associated marine sediments. Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 10.6M 2013-11-18 KYOTO_HE
5 DRP003059 DRA004557 Development of EST-SSR markers in Asarum sakawanum var. stellatum Other Asarum sakawanum var. stellatum 4.6G 2016-03-12 KYOTO_HE
6 DRP003079 DRA003730 Rhizotypes of plant-root fungal biome Other rhizosphere metagenome 3.9G KYOTO_HE
7 DRP003138 DRA004193 Ericaceous plant-fungus network in a harsh alpine-subalpine environment Other rhizosphere metagenome 912.4M KYOTO_HE
8 DRP003367 DRA004868 Networks depicting the fine-scale co-occurrences of fungi in soil horizons Other soil metagenome 1G KYOTO_HE
9 DRP003858 DRA005798
Non-photosynthetic diatoms Other Nitzschia sp. IriIs04 34.3G 2017-05-10 KYOTO_HE
10 DRP003893 DRA005184 Spider communities link above- and below-ground food webs: high-throughput sequencing of Hexapoda prey from spider samples Other spider metagenome 2.7G KYOTO_HE
11 DRP003896 DRA004869 Priority effects persists across floral generations in nectar microbial metacommunities Other floral nectar metagenome 1.8G KYOTO_HE
12 DRP004072 DRA006193 Composition and diversity of soil fungi in Dipterocarpaceae-dominated seasonal tropical forests in Thailand Other soil metagenome 28.2M KYOTO_HE
13 DRP004085 DRA006602 Development of EST-SSR markers in Tricyrtis sp., which reproduce through vegetative propagation via bulbils Other Tricyrtis setouchiensis 5.1G 2018-02-27 KYOTO_HE
14 DRP004143 DRA006534 SNP detection of the chloroplast genomes among three Asarum species Other Asarum costatum
Asarum minamitanianum
93.5M 2018-01-29 KYOTO_HE
15 DRP004304 DRA006340 Co-occurring arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal coniferous trees share endophytic fungi Other rhizosphere metagenome 501.7M KYOTO_HE
16 DRP004305 DRA006339 Community-scale properties of arbuscular mycorrhizal, ectomycorrhizal, and endophytic associations in temperate and subtropical forests Other rhizosphere metagenome 3.7G KYOTO_HE
17 DRP004638 DRA006817 Genome sequencing for developig microsatellite markers of Carex section Podogyane Other Carex angustisquama 8.4G 2018-05-01 KYOTO_HE
18 DRP004717 DRA007061 Do below-ground genotypes influence above-ground microbiomes of grafted tomatoes? Other phyllosphere metagenome 715.7M KYOTO_HE
19 DRP004892 DRA008127 Transcriptome of a non-photosynthetic chrysophyte Other Spumella sp. NIES-1846 4.5G 2019-01-31 KYOTO_HE
20 DRP005119 DRA007062 Diversity of plant-associated microbes in Sugadaira, Nagano, Japan Other phyllosphere metagenome
rhizosphere metagenome